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  • Avenging Angels

    Idaho's newest gang wants to keep your soul pure–by any means necessary
      BOISE, MARCH 4, 2006--"Dere's dis old joke that goes, 'Why do you always take two Mormons if you go fishing?'" whispers the young, dark-haired man hiding behind a large patch of sagebrush. He and I are lying facedown on a hillside overlooking the fairway of a golf course. It's cold outside, but we're both warm inside our desert-colored army surplus fatigues. He squints through a pair of cheap binoculars while I wait for the answer to his riddle. Somewhere nearby, a rock chuck chatters angrily in our direction.
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  • April Fool's Feature: Send in the clones

    A secret project for America's elite makes Idaho a hunter's paradise
      y July, with almost mechanical regularity, dozens of private jets descend upon the Friedman Memorial Airport 15 miles south of Sun Valley. The planes come in all sizes and colors, clustering like migratory butterflies in and around the deluxe hangars of the small-town landing strip. But what these butterflies are carrying is far more valuable than nectar.
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  • Pong #1 ... again!

    A classic makes a comeback
      Surprising everyone, Pong, the original video game, has made a comeback on CompUSA's top 10 video game list and has secured the number one position for an unbelievable eight weeks in a row. On, it has been number one for seven weeks and on MSN's Game-O-Rama Poll, it has been in the top spot since before Christmas.
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  • April Fool's Feature: The Dam Project

    A secret government plan to create the largest and longest man-made lake in North America will change Idaho life as we know it
      Facing a water crisis during the next half century the Bush administration has embarked on a secret plan to create the world's largest man-made lake in Idaho and Oregon. Tipped off to a secret URL on the Internet which contains plans and memos to and from state and federal agencies, Boise Weekly's investigation team has unveiled a fifty-year project that will not only change the face of Southwest Idaho, but the ecology, economy and environmental weather patterns of the nation.
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  • April Fool's Feature: Tunnels of Lore

    Unrelated events are linked in more ways than you think
      Last year, Gov. Dirk Kempthorne closed two key, downtown streets because of imminent terrorist threat ... or so our local media reported. Then, during late January and early February, construction stopped on the Boise Tower project at 8th and Main. Reasons included permit and labor union contract snags ... or so our local media reported.
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