Joline Boyett Armuth

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    • 828 W. Rollins

        Although not my personal preference, homes with little or no yard on small lots seem to be taking Boise by storm, so I thought it best to get in one and see if it could win me over.
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    • Big Jud's

        Big Jud's. The name says it all. Even if you've never been there, it's likely you can make an educated guess about the cuisine. If you're thinking Italian right now, you need to get out more.
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    • Spider Boy

      Hanging out with Matt Fultz
        Matt Fultz is not your average teen. Life at East Valley Middle School in Nampa is only a cover for his emerging national talent and worldwide fame. His life as a small town adolescent includes football and track, and I imagine they keep him occupied in the Gifted and Talented Program, but this is all a diversion for Matt. His real focus is rocks and how to climb them in the most difficult way possible.
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    • 2400 W. Bannock

        When I was new to Boise, the neighborhood located between Grove and State in the upper twenties and thirties blocks was of questionable appeal.
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    • Le Poulet Rouge

      On one plate ...
        There is something about homemade soups, salads and sandwiches that has always appealed to me, and I have spent many years searching the greater Boise area to find a restaurant that could live up to the standards set by such a place in my original hometown. Le Poulet Rouge may be that place.
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    • Film and Fixation

      Basque film director Julio Medem explores the human psyche
        Basque films are often described as overlooked or undervalued, but the last decade has produced a number of examples that contradict traditional opinions. A principal figure in this transformation has been writer and director Julio Medem.
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    • Oscar pulls His Pants Down

      The Flicks screening of Academy Award-nominated shorts
        Each year, the Oscars come and go amid a melange of paparazzi and hype. There are favorites and underdogs, dramas and comedies, and the culmination of the buzz is a multiple-hour broadcast of the winners.
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    • The Melting Pot

      On one plate ...
        Despite the fact that Sixth Street is torn to shreds directly outside the Melting Pot, the restaurant has a distinctly calm feel.
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    • Eleemosynary

      Boise Contemporary Theater's play is not just for chicks

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