• Bios Urn

    Rest in peace, as a tree
      When I die, I don't want to be buried in the ground or sprinkled over a mountaintop. I want something way cooler: I want to be a tree.
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  • Vipukirves Ax

      You haven't chopped wood until you've chopped it with this.
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  • Food Finish Spray Paint

    Auric Goldfinger, eat your heart out.
      German novelty food label The Deli Garage recently released Food Finish, edible spray paint that gilded gourmands can use to turn their cupcakes and Cornish game hens into glistening works of metallic gold, silver, red or blue art.
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  • Instant Pot Multifunctional Cooker

      Show your patriotism with the Instant Pot, the seven-in-one, IP-smart, Bluetooth-enabled multi-functional pressure cooker.
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  • Kickended

    The Internet's graveyard of dreams
      Where do failed Kickstarter campaigns go? They get Kickended.
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  • Pig Candy

      This stuff doesn't come with nutritional information on the package, so there's no telling how much damage it can do to one's cardiovascular system or pancreas, but consumption is recommended in small doses.
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  • Find: Mixed Bag Bazaar

    Unique goods for a diverse world
      Beatles records share space with fringed leather motorcycle jackets, mink coats, fair-trade African beads and vintage kitchen bowls.
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  • Norse Cyber-Attack Map

    The war comes home
      The Internet's not all cat pics and Kim Kardashian's ass. There's a war on, people, and it's waged 24/7.
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  • The Beer Guys

    Keep the party going with booze delivered to your door.
      Did you reach into the party cooler for a cold brew, only to find that it's empty? Reach for your phone and dazzle your co-partiers by calling The Beer Guys, veritable booze superheroes.
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  • Das Horn

      A unique drinking vessel.
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