• Hi-Infidelity

      You're not responsible for Casanova's failure to remain faithful.
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  • Just Desserts

      He will bring something to the party to share—usually some kind of dessert item we'd eat later.
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  • Rompin'

      I don't like that people are calling them "RompHims" because it smells a little of male fragility that they couldn't wear a romper without feeling threatened.
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  • S.O.S.

      Helping her to forget the choppy waters of her life, even for a few hours, is what she needs.
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  • FWB

      Chemistry is undeniable, but one night does not the romance of the century make.
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  • Dinner is Served

      My fiance is from a much more affluent background. I love him very much but I am uncomfortable around his family because I feel they look down on me.
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  • 'Woman to Woman'

      If someone considers themselves a feminist, they must realize the experience of being a woman is different for all women.
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  • "Aweseome Ally"

      One of the most hurtful things one can do is trivialize what transpeople are going through.
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  • Much Obliged

      No matter how much I have fretted during the creating process leading up to the event, it all melts away when I take the stage and get to interact with the crowds.
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