• The Summer of '97

    Conservation isn't enough to save the trails—communication is key
  • Improving Relations

    Bipartisan council supports lifting Cuba trade embargoRep. Mat Erpelding (D-Boise) and Rep. Luke Malek (R-Coeur d'Alene)
  • A Right to Bare Arms

    Uncovering your fat body parts is cool—and cooler
  • Not My Values

    Perspectives change after a month in a refugee camp
  • From the Far Margins

    A message from women
  • Iron and Rust

    Coming to grips with a Donald Trump presidency
  • From the Far Margins

    On Nov. 9
      On Nov. 9, we'll elect a president. Whomever it is, it will not be the president I wanted nor the president three quarters of Americans wanted—because that's the math of the presidential primary we've created in our very confining two-party system.
  • From the Far Margins

    You people are a threat to us
  • Art, Censorship and Race in Small-Town Idaho

      For a week our town had another voice—an alternative perspective. We were given the challenge to listen through Tamia’s art and we failed.
  • From the Far Margins

      My agreement with spiders is not worth the air I once spoke it into. I cannot make pacts with them to stay in their place, to never intrude on my house or my life. I can’t ask them to make me comfortable. Even the most gentle of us bite in self defense.
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