• F is for font

    Investigating Boise's love affair with the prolific Papyrus
      Some folks are bothered by innocuous human behaviors, like chewing with your mouth open, for instance. Or talking during a movie, chatting loudly on a cell phone in a restaurant, driving too quickly or too slowly, adding salt to food before tasting it or leaving the toilet seat up. In fact, so bitter is the modern human that it goes without saying ... name something, anything, that a person does, and odds are this thing bothers somebody.
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  • Boise's Bird Man

    Local artist Toby Robin on his art
      This year, the Record Exchange—a downtown Boise landmark—turns 30. To commemorate the occasion, owners Mike Bunnell and Jill Sevy commissioned a new mural to be painted on the outside of their building that turns the corner from 11th to Idaho Street and houses the Record Exchange, its offices, the Edge and the Neurolux. The new mural needs to reflect the hip businesses within, but also be a vision that wouldn't go stale; one that could stay current in the years to come. They turned to local marketing company Oliver Russell and its senior graphic designer, 32-year-old Toby Robin to help them create an image.
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  • A Daylight Tour of The Haunted World

    Steve Wilsey talks motorized corpses and snarling chainsaws
      What started 12 years ago as a small cornfield attraction with a derelict tractor that honked its horn at passersby is now a sprawling nightmare that has up to 200 costumed actors playing everything from mad scientists to chainsaw-wielding psychopaths to farmers who aren't very particular about what they make their sausage out of.
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  • On Cleo's Trail

    Outsider art in and outside environ
      Only the very observant might notice the large plastic rainbow and a collection of rusty kids' tricycles signifying the to Cleo's Garden.
  • Writing on the Wall

    Graffiti makes its way off Boise's streets and onto homes and businesses
      Boise's graffiti scene, they note, is still puny compared to many larger cities around the country. But of considerable mention are the legal, or commissioned, pieces that can be seen around town. From the wall at Donnie Mac's to the murals at Need to Bead and Pie Hole, Boise businesses are embracing the street artform as a valid public art medium.
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  • Art On Wheels

    Prestige presents planks de resistance
      Art bleeds its manipulated compositions and aesthetics into the cracks of a world permeated with tasteless commercialism. Otherwise stated, art will fill any gap left to fill. What I am trying to say is: Boise has art hanging everywhere ...
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