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    • Why Drink?

      A diatribe of the not-so-Barfly-est order
    • One Fine Day

      Out and about at one of Boise's bars
        A gay club in downtown Boise was recently the unwitting host to a very happily, yet temporarily disharmonized, hetero couple on a busy Saturday night.
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    • Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

      Pondering the species and its drink
        O! The bar, the tavern, the saloon, the cocktail lounge, the pub, the alehouse, the speakeasy, the barrel house, the taproom, the grogshop, whatever one may call thee, thy hallowed walls have held the highest and lowest of our species.
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    • The Code

      That's "Miss Zena" if you're nasty
    • A Little Night Rambling

      bukowski bond barfly
        well i ain't "billy the barfly" and as a matter of a fact i'm 17 years without a drink on account that i wasn't very good at it...and after all that time i have found how much i enjoy sitting on a bar stool drinking soda water and watching a crowd get slap happy, when sloppy arrives about midnight i find the back door...
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    • Of An Evening

      In the springtime, a young woman's fancy turns to love, or something
    • Welcome to Barfly

      A Weekly Diatribe on Drinking
        Barfly is a Boise Weekly online exclusive. Send your barfly saga to the arts editor. We don't name names, so identities of people and places will be changed to protect the innocent. Let us know if you want your name on your scrawl or if you'd rather remain anonymous. Either way, if we publish your story, we'll pay you $10. Include full name and contact information with submission. (Current or former Idaho residents only please)
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    • Live Rounds

      Booze, trucks and guns
        Monday seemed as good a night as any, so my friend Dave and I went to a local bar for their dollar margaritas, which are really watered-down lime juice and bottom shelf tequila mixed in a dirty blender and served in the same crappy 12 oz. plastic cups they pour their beers in.
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    • Mix-Off Madness Continues

        A few years ago, I was perusing the magazine section in a grocery store and was amazed to see two women frantically pulling magazines from the racks, flipping them over and shouting to each other.
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    • The Classic Martini

      A brief history
        Most people think that anything served in a long-stemmed "V" shaped glass is a martini. To purists, a martini is gin and vermouth-nothing more, nothing less. Or is it?
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    • 'Tini V.3.0

      Kicking off a month of martini madness
        The May Martini Mix-Off is rapidly becoming a spring tradition. This is the third year a martini competition has been held in downtown Boise, and this year things are shaking up to be the best yet.
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    • Variations on a Theme

      To the chagrin of purists the Martini has become a category of drinks
    • The Vodka Revolution

      How a clear, flavorless liquor from Russia became the most popular spirit in America

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