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    • Andrew Cosentino

      "To be entrusted with their care at a moment when they're most vulnerable is really a privilege and an honor. In our ministry, we view that as a sacred environment."
        The Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center President on the hospital's mission and when he was the one taking doctor's orders
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    • Michelle Chavez

      "If I could only teach one thing all day, every day, it would be the Holocaust."
        The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights honored Chavez as the Human Rights Educator of the Year in 2017.
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    • Chelsea Handler

      "I needed to do something authentic, something meaningful. Look, I've made a living by oversharing in my comedy, and I wasn't really planning on writing anything like this unless I had something to say."
        On staying 9 years old, loss, recovery and Robert Mueller
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    • Tommy Orange

      The author of There There talks about bucking stereotypes and the Gertrude Stein quote that gave his book its name
        "I think there are ways to write compelling and interesting stories when it comes to fiction in ways that don't exploit other people's details."
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    • Treefort Co-founder Megan Stoll

      "We're trying to reinvest back into our community, be economically sustainable, and give a damn about our planet."
        The Treefort co-founder on the past, the present, and why you'll need three pairs of shoes
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    • Meg Ryan

      We'll all have what she's having.
        The film star will be honored with the Vision Award during the 2019 Sun Valley Film Festival.
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    • Jessi Roberts

      On success, second chances and how "happiness ain't a side hustle"
        "This book sat in the hands of our legal team for about six months."
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    • Rep. Greg Chaney

      On bail algorithms, non-traditional alliances and moral outrage
        "I'm all for using technology to predict things, but if we're going to shrug off something that's unconstitutional, that's horrible."
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    • Debi Lane

      The LunchboxWax founder on speed waxing, her company's presence in Hollywood during Oscar season and that 'cheeky' name
    • Rita Wilson

      "The audience is, quite often, an equal part of the creative process. It's as if sometimes I can feel exactly what they're feeling."
        Actress, producer, singer/songwriter on her "musical scrapbook," cleansing tears and "what the world needs now"
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    • Isabella Boylston, Rozzi

      The ballerina and the pop star talk about collaborating, ambition and chocolate chip cookies in Ketchum
        "Isabella and I started following each other on Instagram. That's how we started talking. We made a music video together and we just connected."
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    • Nicole Skinner

      "In a big way, things came full circle. I think a lot of people turned out at the polls, particularly students, to vote against Dan Foreman."
        University of Idaho student/advocate on spurring change on campus and at the ballot box
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    • Peter Yeo

      Career diplomat on the partial federal government shutdown, Idaho's role in helping to shape foreign policy and why "great nations should pay their dues."
        "It's complicated."
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    • Paula Poundstone

      Prior to her Jan. 17 appearance in Boise, she talks to BW about Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me, CNN, Doritos, Lamborghinis and happiness
        "I certainly don't know what they're going to say, so naturally, I have no idea what I'm going to say. But there's 39 years of comedy material wandering around in my head."
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    • One More Visit with the Class of 2018

      Some of our favorite Boise Weekly Citizens from the past year.
        Advocates, ambassadors, artists, healers, interpreters and William Shatner.
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    • Bridgette McAbee

      "It's all about keeping the quality up. A lot of people don't care as much about pies as I do."
    • Faiz Shakir

      "You've heard us say, 'See you in court.' Well, my job is to make sure that we also say, 'See you in the street. See you in the legislature. See you at the ballot box.'"
        A conversation with the ACLU National Political Director.
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    • Santa Johnny

      "My wish is for a more loving and peaceful world. I've seen many changes over the years, but Christmas still brings a bit of hope."
        Boise Weekly gets a few minutes with the busiest guy in town.
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    • Sandi Duncan

      Farmers' Almanac editor says their forecast formula is top secret.
        "We actually have someone that we call a 'weather calculator.' We keep his identity secret because the forecast is a proprietary secret."
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    • Devoney Looser

      Jane Austen expert on saying new things about old books, marrying another Austen scholar, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
        "As long as we keep making new things about her... there will be things to say."
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    • Maryann Karimi

      "I just forgot how much I loved working with people and flowers, and making people's days and putting smiles on their faces."
    • Diana Lachiondo

      "I truly believe the race was about competency, about leadership, and not about partisan politics."
        On her recent win, effecting change and Hamilton.
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