• Eminent Domain: Weapon or Tool?

    Legislature passes bill nixing eminent domain for trails
      "It's an extraordinary power the government is given to take away people's property. Every opportunity we have to take away that power is something I want to utilize."
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  • Hunting for Dummies

    What every wannabe hunter should know
      I have never been hunting, nor ever had any desire to hunt. Among those who know me, it's no secret that I struggle to even understand the motivation for or satisfaction derived from the activity of killing an animal. If hunting were necessary for survival, then of course I would re-evaluate my objections to it, but given the current state of food procurement (needing only a shopping cart and some moolah), I am of the opinion that successfully hunting down a parking spot at Wal-Mart on a Saturday morning is more likely to be a skill necessary to daily survival than tracking and hunting a wild animal.
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  • Inspiring on the Payette

    Blind surfer Derek Rabelo competes alongside athletes from all over the world
      The 22-year-old professional surfer from Brazil has been blind his whole life, so the 2014 Payette River Games in Cascade included a lot of firsts for him: first time in Idaho, first time surfing on a river, first time in a kayak.
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  • Idaho Airsoft Teams Take Aim

    War simulation sport attracts brigades of new players
      Whether you pick up a replica M4A1 or imitation .50 caliber Barrett M107 sniper rifle, Navy SEAL type tactics are required to win an Airsoft battle.
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