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  • Released on your own Recognizance

    To my complete surprise, before even coming close to exhausting alternative medicine's supply of kooky, the kooky has exhausted me—this will be the last of "The Antidote."
  • Sticking your Neck Out

    I am a literature major in my final semester and I have to read about four novels and write two to three papers per week. So much time spent reading and writing often leaves me in severe back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • B.S. I Love You

    I'm wondering your opinion of the juice from the Tibetan goji berry. A good friend, whom I trust, told me that drinking it forced her breast cancer into remission.
  • No, We Can't Be Friends

    Apparently mistaking me for "The Love Goddess" columnist, the editors of BW have asked me to discuss the physical effects of heartbreak for this Valentine's Day issue.
  • Attractive Nuisance

    As a New Year's resolution, I am hereby publicly committing to get back in shape. I'd like to use the elliptical machine I own, but I always get a sore back about an hour after every workout.
  • Rhythm and Blues

    As I absently stare at my personalized Google homepage, trying to decide how best to waste my time here at work, I notice that my embedded biorhythm Google gadget says that my physical and intellectual cycles are on downswings and my emotional biorhythm
  • Type-O, Please, Hold the Garlic

    My dear Dr. Rabin, you drag more vampiric charlatans into the light of day than that do-gooder Van Helsing. Which brings us to today's horrific inquiry: Is blood really good for you?
  • A Little Slippery with the Facts

    I know you usually review supplements and dicey holistic treatments, but I'm wondering if you would comment on this. I recently visited the dermatologist for my annual check-up following removal of a couple of pre-cancerous moles a few years ago.
  • Weed Control

      Yes, swallowing a handful of vitamins is significantly easier than duct-taping a Ziploc bag of your buddy's "clean" urine against your thigh or, heaven forbid, ceasing to smoke pot altogether. But risking an overdose in an attempt to keep—or get—a job, or retain your starting linebacker position, could only be considered reefer madness.
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