• Cutwater Canned Cocktails

      Cutwater cocktails-in-a-can, which are a step above the usual premixed drinks, have just arrived in the Treasure Valley.
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  • The French 75

      Named for a piece of World War I artillery, this gin cocktail packs some firepower.
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  • Campari and Beer?

    Find out what you get when you mix Italy's iconic aperitif with an Idaho IPA
  • Alaska Glacier Vodka

      This gluten-free, twice-charcoal filtered vodka surprises, with a smooth, cool—dare we say "glacial"—mouthfeel.
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  • Springtime Sippers

    Three cocktails for toasting the end of winter (hopefully)
  • Executive-Level Drinking

      We cobbled together a few Trump-themed concoctions that—whatever their serious flaws—will get the job done.
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  • Turkey Tipples

    Giving thanks for Wild Turkey
      In honor of this most American of birds, and during the season when turkey takes pride of place on our dinner tables, we sampled a quartet of offerings from Wild Turkey.
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  • Two Mules to Sip and Savor

    Take a ride with a pair of Moscow Mules
      Sauce scholars tend to agree that despite its unlikely creation, the Moscow Mule introduced vodka to the American drinking public and launched the spirit, which would become the most-heavily consumed in the country.
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  • Time for a Mai Tai

    The old-school cocktail is still a delightful summer refresher
      Inspired by the summer heat, a Boise Weekly tasting panel took up its own tiki torch and mixed up some mai tais.
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  • Three Rums, Three Hemingway Daiquiris

    Papa knows best
      Ernest Hemingway described the daiquiri as having “no taste of alcohol and felt, as you drank them, the way downhill glacier skiing feels running through powder snow.”
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  • Three Unique Spins on Gin

    From Scotland to Idaho, these gins are winners
      Properly mixed and sipped responsibly, gin can be the pinnacle of summertime refreshment.
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  • Mill Town Distillery

    A quartet of tipples from the mountains of the panhandle
      Drawing on the edgy pedigree of backwoods booze, Sandpoint-based Mill Town Distillery puts out a range of small batch liquors: rum, vodka, and two corn whiskeys.
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  • Crown Royal Varieties

    Smooth and sweet
      Encased in a plush purple sack with gold embellishments, Crown Royal is an iconic Canadian whisky.
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  • Small-ish Batch Bourbon

    A wonderful winter sipper
      With oak-kissed vanilla and caramel notes, good bourbon can smell like a freshly baked batch of booze cookies.
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  • Mini Vodkas

    Welcome to peak booze season
      Between holiday travel, ramped up credit card debt and negotiating family personalities, odds are you may need of a little pick-me-up.
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