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    • Megawhat?

      How many homes can you power with a single megawatt?
        "In another life, I was a business reporter, and one of my beats was energy. When writing those stories, I almost always used the handy formula 1 MW = 1,000 homes."
    • Taking Aim at Medical Profits

        Could not Idaho’s pro-business legislature level the taxable playing field for the entire business community?
    • Ask Bill About It

      An anonymous BFF intervenes
        Perhaps I have allowed the gun issue to occupy too much of my attention.
    • Hospitals Put the ‘Profit’ in ‘Nonprofit’

        Corporate medicine and medical insurance corporations had arrived. Thereafter, local political and legal battles followed over their further controlling physician practices and their private property encroachment.
    • No, We're Not Your Enemy. Never Have Been. Never Will Be.

      It may seem obvious, but at this particular moment in our nation's history it's important to say these words with clarity: There is nothing fake, disgusting or sick about pursuing the truth.
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    • Toba or Not Toba

      When surviving's nothing to shout about
        A small group of people surviving darkness and destruction to prosper in a new world? We've heard that tale before.
    • Say That Again?

      And what's your point, anyway?
        In lieu of a point of my own, I hereby endorse Orwell's "peaceful and decent future" as the point to this column.
    • Ethnic Cleansing

      More American chickens come home to roost
        Now it's Kyrgyzstan's turn to fall apart as the result of American malfeasance.
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    • Disturbed

      The Norman Bates in our American motel
        "Keep in mind, just because everyone uses the word "narcissism" in reference to Trump doesn't make it a flippant thing."
    • Note: It's all about the white stuff this week

        Now, as we head into November, I'm not sure if winter is almost here or if it's almost over. Yep, it's going to be a looong winter with that kind of attitude. Good thing I'll need a looong winter to improve my wanting skills on the mountain.
    • Two Cents on Two-Bits

        Idaho's quarter is one step closer to having a real look. The Guv' announced five designs, hand picked by himself, to submit to the U.S. Mint for consideration. Of course, we don't know what ideas they rejected.
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    • Out of 'Bum Jungle'

        Homelessness is still all around us, and it's still bigger than the bag ladies, panhandlers and hobos of our all-too simple judgments.
    • Another Year, Another Pride Issue, Same Old Gripe

        This edition is the fourth Pride issue that's been published under my watch, and each year, I hope that by the next Pride issue, I'll have something nice to say.

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