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    • Megawhat?

      How many homes can you power with a single megawatt?
        "In another life, I was a business reporter, and one of my beats was energy. When writing those stories, I almost always used the handy formula 1 MW = 1,000 homes."
    • Editor's Note

      From Bikes to Booze
        In case you didn't notice, Boise Weekly gets a little drinks-minded around this time of year.
    • Suicidal Ruling Class

      Will the rich and powerful try to save themselves?
        When family background determines your fate, you look for other options. Like getting rid of the system that makes things that way.
    • Plot This

      Americans shrug at phony binary explosives threat
    • Teaching Anxiety

      The real education nightmare
        You can use standardized tests and online classes to fake it, but real education doesn't happen without an engaged, intelligent teacher dealing with 10 or 15 or at most 20 students in the same room. That's a hard fact but a true fact.
    • And So It Begins

        Love it or loathe it, the blood sport that is Idaho politics can be many things to many people, but almost everyone can agree that it's never boring.
    • Note: It's all about the white stuff this week

        Now, as we head into November, I'm not sure if winter is almost here or if it's almost over. Yep, it's going to be a looong winter with that kind of attitude. Good thing I'll need a looong winter to improve my wanting skills on the mountain.

      Cultural suicide via digitalization
        Compact discs won't skip. They'll play even if you scratch them. Unless you break them or set them on fire, they'll last forever. That's the sales pitch the recording industry used to convince America to switch from vinyl records to CDs. But, as anyone who owns a hairy dog or cat knows, CDs do skip. And as anyone who uses them to store computer files knows, digital data stored on them eventually vanishes in a mysterious phenomenon called "data rot."
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    • Waiting for High Tide

      And rain
        "When you're studying complex chaotic systems like climate, all extrapolations of the data—that's science-speak for predicting the future—are little better than lowball guesses."
    • Der Decidermeister

      An Opera in Four Acts on the Unlikely Rise and Ignominious Fall of George W. Bush
    • Devils We Don't Know

      Who are the Libyan opposition?
        For all we know, the Libyan TNC, also known as the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition, is composed of and led by noble, well-intentioned, freedom-minded people everyone can get behind. But that's the point: We don't know.
    • Gates and Buffett: Worse Than Ken Lay

      Why Enron chief was better than "philanthropists"
        Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Ken Lay--all thieves. Compared to the world's two richest men, however, Lay was small potatoes. So why are we praising them, and kicking Lay while he's down--six feet down?
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    • MORally MONStrous

      Just keep reading; I'm getting to it

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