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  • Farewell, Boise Weekly

      This is the final edition in which you'll see my name in the masthead as editor of Boise Weekly. After almost a decade in and out of these pages and with more than four years as editor-in-chief, I'm moving on.
  • Reflecting on the Best

      Though I've helped put about a dozen Best of Boise issues to press over the years, this particular BoB is one I've compiled with much reflection and pride.
  • Ballot Stuffing, Banks and Canadians

      After the conclusion of Best of Boise voting on Aug. 26, we put this issue to press and started the long process of tallying the votes.
  • The Women Behind the Men

      What worries me more as a voter isn't to be represented by someone who makes far more money than I do, it's to be represented by someone who is so entrenched in his own experience of the world that he makes no effort to understand the life experience of at least half of his voters--the female half.
  • Credit Where Credit is Due

      Plagiarism cannot be tolerated, but is his lack of attribution a gray area? Guess that depends on who you ask.
  • Blue and Red All Over

      GlobalPost reporter Jean MacKenzie is traveling Highway 12, chatting up voters in rural America, and recently stopped in Deary, Harvard and Kendrick.
  • Interns: We Want You

      Three times a year, we solicit internship applications from undergrads who want to test-drive journalism.
  • What About BoB?

      Best of Boise voting is currently underway to determine the best of just about everything in the City of Trees for 2012 (which, if you got a little too carried away with last week's Apocalypse Issue, may be our last year to vote before the world ends).
  • Guide to the Apocalypse

      There you have it: Should the "shit hit the fan," you'll find me in a closet.
  • Evolving Art

      If the role of BAM in Boise is to get the community excited about art, to draw them in and engage them, bringing Nick Cave's show has certainly helped achieve that end.
  • Keeping the Beer Frosty

      Just thinking about this issue makes me thirsty. And yes, sadly, a cold domestic beer would do the trick in this heat. Had I been one of the Coldest Beer testers this year, I might feel differently about that.
  • Time for Shots

      This edition of Boise Weekly marks the 21st year that this rag of ours has been littering shelves and streets all over town--and we're damn proud of it.
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  • Media After the Motor City

      The papers doing the best are the ones who have taken the change in stride, redefining who they are and what their role should be in delivering the news--be it hard, fluffy, longform or digital.
  • Idaho's Unprotected

      The fact that Idaho statutes don't do a great job protecting marginalized communities from a hate crime--or that they're not tougher on perpetrators of those crimes after they happen--doesn't surprise anyone who has urged their lawmakers to add the words "gender identity" and "sexual orientation" to the Idaho Human Rights Act.
  • Legal Transparency

      Those of us bringing the suit ... contend that the media should bear witness to all the events of the execution so as to ensure full transparency and accountability of the process.

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