• Note

    Boise needs some bigot-be-gone
      Last Saturday night, at a North End bar where Rebecca Scott was performing, a middle-aged male customer snidely asked me if he was in a gay bar, referring to the crowd of mostly lesbians. He was eventually kicked out of the bar for making derogatory comments about the women and telling the bartender that he didn't approve of all the singing about "gay shit."
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  • Note

    Ask tough questions, document the participants, don't take no for an answer.
      Just as Irving is guaranteed his right to free speech, so is the press guaranteed a right to cover what he says. Even in the basement of a restaurant with the business owner's approval.
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  • Rumor Has It

      Yes, mates, we are most definitely taking the piss out of those who perpetuate the untruths
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    Ducked up.
      An Oregon fan left messages around midnight for multiple BW employees after last week's Boise State game. Here's an amusing excerpt from one of his rants.
  • Farewell, Boise Weekly

      This is the final edition in which you'll see my name in the masthead as editor of Boise Weekly. After almost a decade in and out of these pages and with more than four years as editor-in-chief, I'm moving on.
  • Note: Decoding 7-7-7

    Bloomberg vs. the Fed and Rall vs. a Reader
      "So it now seems that the $7.77 trillion was in loan guarantees. To which I wonder, what if the Fed had issued $7.77 trillion in loan guarantees to the unemployed and distressed homeowners?" —Ted Rall
  • Note: Who's still talking about HIV?

      Looking back over the last two decades, I remember the '90s being permeated by HIV/AIDS benefits, education, research. As a teen, I was downright scared of contracting HIV. Back then, it was an epidemic.
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  • Note: All press is good press

      Those readers who fall into that "medium-sized segment of the population" will steer clear of Big Bird's regardless of how good the food is. Those who don't are helping Big Bird's to have what, I presume, is a record week in profits.
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  • Ballot Stuffing, Banks and Canadians

      After the conclusion of Best of Boise voting on Aug. 26, we put this issue to press and started the long process of tallying the votes.
  • Blue and Red All Over

      GlobalPost reporter Jean MacKenzie is traveling Highway 12, chatting up voters in rural America, and recently stopped in Deary, Harvard and Kendrick.
  • Evolving Art

      If the role of BAM in Boise is to get the community excited about art, to draw them in and engage them, bringing Nick Cave's show has certainly helped achieve that end.
  • Rededicate Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

      My suggestion to you, governor, is that you take this opportunity to flex some of that political muscle you've spent years in office bulking up to urge Idaho lawmakers to add the words "sexual identity" and "gender orientation" to the Idaho Human Rights Act.
  • Mail Fodder

    Plus a recap of the annual Boise Weekly Cover Auction
      "So as we go to print with this edition of Boise Weekly, I expect that I'll have plenty of mail to print next week about the story."
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