• Attn: Bob Kustra

    What we have here is a failure to commensurate
      In other words, Bob, you take the college football part. All of it—lock, stock and jock straps. And the U of I takes the university part. This way, both schools can quit pretending they are proficient in roles at which they are clearly dismal flops.
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  • Protofascism Comes

    The rise of the Tea Party
      Yes. The Tea Party is racist. But racism is only one facet of a more sinister political strain: a protofascist movement.
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  • Teachin' and Packin'

    Big iron on our hips
      When it happens, I doubt you'll have the courage to admit that you had anything to do with it.
  • Repeal the Second!

    I'll say it again: Repeal the Second Amendment!
      One more time, just to make sure you heard me: Repeal that goddamned Second Amendment!
  • Old Dems Don't Die

    They get into discussions and wish they were dead
      There is this certitude among conservatives that being liberal is a phase children go through. Something like bed-wetting or being a Goth or going to college. They have convinced themselves that the process of maturing is supposed to take the liberalness out of a man, if he's any kind of man.
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  • The Boors Next Door

    And don't you tread on me!
      Let's try another thought experiment, if you don't mind.
  • Goddamn the NGRA*

    *(National Gun-Running Association)
      My skin is sufficiently thick to being called stupid, particularly by anyone who would belong to or defend the NRA.
  • An Ex-Xian's Xmas

    Part One: Faux la la la la
      I love a good joy dump as much as the next guy. Maybe more. But you don't have to buy into the whole religious package to want some joy to the world and a little peace on Earth.
  • Magnum Force Fetish

    Badger Bob takes on the gun cult
      We're not dealing with comically stunted men-babies who can't stop playing with their Roy Rogers. No, these freaks are twisted.
  • Both Sides? No!

    Labrador licks the hand of equal culpability
      The proof is in who pulls the trigger. Even if your party-line horseshit of shared culpability were true--which it's not--it's always my side that ends up with the dead people.
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  • The Rebranding of Obama, 2012

    Why is Obama running on his record?
      U.S. history shows that the candidate who presents the most optimistic vision of the future usually prevails.
  • Nuttin' Yahoo

    Just more snake oil in an old wind bag
      "Bibi, you are an asshole. A rude, bullying asshole."
  • Stand Our Ground

    Part One: Just how nutty are gun nuts?
  • The Swine Within

    The leadership of Limbaugh, hah hah
  • Mr. Obama: Resign Now

    With Democrats like him, who needs dictators?
      Obama is useless. Worse than that, he's dangerous.
  • No Robes, No Hoods

    But they have a dream, too
      I mean a real, piss-and-vinegar, obsessed, unashamed right-winger.
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  • Stand Our Ground

    Part Two: We are not alone
      It's lonely, is it not, to be an Idahoan who believes there must be stricter controls on the gun trade?

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