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  • Backcountry Cuisine

    Backpacking doesn't mean eating poorly
      "I am a converter, that's all. I take recipes from the kitchen out on the trail. Why buy that prepackaged stuff? ... My recipes can save you money and taste a heck of a lot better."
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  • Bunny Buffet

    Rabbit is a healthy and sustainable meat, so why are we averse to eating it?
      Rabbits are a cultural phenomenon. From the Easter Bunny to Thumper to Peter Rabbit to Bugs Bunny, rabbits are seen as cute and cuddly pets, not supper. Not that rabbits don't make excellent table fare.
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  • The Pheasant Family

    Three generations of hunters pass down a tradition of homemade pheasant soup
      The hunting is a means to an end. Our real goal is my mom's pheasant noodle soup. The soup is a thickly seasoned concoction that my family has been enjoying since before I can remember.
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  • Wild Game Plan

    A new breed of game meat processors and home butchers emerges
      Hunters across the United States, and increasingly in Idaho, are starting to follow the culinary trend of DIY butchering. And some hunters who do take their meat to be processed are beginning to ask for more preparations beyond the pepperoni stick.
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  • Ingesting Invaders

    Idaho escargot, anyone?
      I went back out to Duff Lane Pond armed with a pair of hip-waders, a small mesh bag and a leaf rake. It didn't take long before I had about three dozen snails out of the bush and in my hand.
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  • Hunt, Gather, Gourmet

    From field to freezer to food with friends
      Chef Randy King turns a year of hunting into one unique dinner party.
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