• Grains of Sand

    A measured response of faith at the Idaho Statehouse for the 2018 session
      "It's a bit like grains of sand on a scale. We just keep adding those grains. Then a few more grains the next year. A few more. A few more. The scales will begin to tip and, at least, balance out."
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  • The Nasty Business of Flu in Idaho

    "The H3N2 influenza has been dominant in Idaho in past seasons, and the vaccine is a very good match for that particular strain."
      Already, more than 23 flu-related deaths have been reported in Idaho this season, the highest number in seven years.
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  • Rep. Jarom Wagoner

    On fatherhood, ethics and Brandon Hixon
      "You hear about all the bad things, but there are a lot of good people out there and we can be those people. We absolutely need good people to be in office. Those are the ones setting the rules that we live by."
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  • Weaving with a Phantom Thread

    Two viewpoints on one of the season's most talked-about films, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
      Opens Friday, Jan. 19 at The Flicks
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