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  • All the Young Dudes

    'Tis a Wise Child Who Knows His Own Father
      These guys have the morality of Charles Darwin, who suggested the future belongs to the fleet, the smart, the horny and the ruthless.
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  • Kids These Days

    Ephebiphobia rears its ugly head
      Socrates is always handy if you want to demonstrate a problem isn't new. You can note that there's a clinical condition--ephebiphobia, or fear of teenagers--that has been present throughout history.
  • The Park of Death

    Don't waste time on the other rides
      "Butte County is already lobbying to have the Craters of the Moon National Monument transformed into a national park, and I propose that we go a step further and make it the nation's first Park of Death."
  • The Face of 2015

    Grinning, crazed with fear
  • Ah, Wilderness

    Were paradise enow
      "Any wild area that comes to its attention suffers through the wear and tear of a human population explosion. That's the reason the White Clouds and the Boulders, as non-wilderness, have been less trampled than the Sawtooths, which have been a wilderness since 1972."
  • A Father's Day Meditation

    The elk don't fall far from the tree
      "Get your gun," my father said. "Those sons-of-bitches are flying elk."
  • Flunking the Test

    The ethics of disgust
      You might not have been a decent human being when you were yelling, and apologies were no doubt in order, and you may want to examine your abuse of people who can't fight back.
  • Hendren Stories

    Remembering a president
      "I began to see how much courage it took for Bob to work every day with people who were, more than anything, waiting for him to make a mistake."
  • Rember: The Scary Go-Pro

    When the going gets scary
      When you hit the record button or snap that selfie, what happens to your sense of self?
  • The Hardest Class

    Getting the most from your writing workshop
      Most of all, I've learned that if you start with hard work, basic literacy and openness to new ideas, writing can be a doorway to a life of meaning.
  • Committee Hallucinations

    The impossibility of history
      I was there. I had personal stories.
  • Framingham Idyll

    New disease from old data
      "New connections are becoming apparent between how people live and how they die. A study focused on heart disease has now broadened to include data about cancer, genetic-based obesity, dementia, stress and contagious disease."
  • Child Abuse

    With the best of intentions
      "We're training people to live in a world that doesn't exist except on portable electronic devices, giving them selves that have been constructed by marketing departments and software developers."
  • Men II Boyz

    Picturing male adulthood
      I spent seven years teaching middle school, and none of the dramas I see in state government differ much from the body-building poses, locker-room towel snaps and latent-and-not-so-latent misogyny of 12-year-olds.
  • If I'm So Old, Why Am I Feeling So Good?

    Human extinction in the best of times
      My father, unlike many men, became kinder and smarter as he aged. During his last decade, he gave me a vision of old age that was benign, courageous and reconciled to mortality.
  • Pope Innocent

    He didn't really mean that
      "I don't know how the Catholic Church will deal with a leader who demands such a radical reorientation toward the spiritual."
  • Don't Trust Anyone Over 30

    Especially if they're over 80
      One of the advantages of growing up during Vietnam was that you could know for certain the old folks were out to get you.
  • Pack Up Your Troubles

    In your old literal kit bag
      It's hard to write about a trip to the mountains and not let your writing slip toward the too-sincere expression of too-grand truths.
  • Go East, Young Man

    Harvard's anthropological admit
      September 1969: I got on a plane in Boise and 12 hours later stepped off the MTA at Harvard Square. I'd transferred to Harvard from the College of Idaho--one of 25 transfer students Harvard admitted that year, out of 1,200 applicants.
  • Don't Let's Let It Burn

    A changing environment means new priorities
      That accidentally-on-purpose policy appears to be over.

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