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  • Big Bird's Burgers

    On the plate of Reviewer No. 2
      This novelty burger joint is indeed a trip. From the outside, it's an attractive space--for a strip mall--with free wi-fi and a decent patio. But once inside, glance around for a minute and you will pick up on the unabashed religious decor.
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  • Barbacoa Brims with Bombast

    Parkcenter's splashy eatery returns
      When my main course arrives, that hoary Madison Avenue mandate to "sell the sizzle, not the steak" is made utterly, sputteringly physical.
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  • Wicky Wicky Sushi

      Wicky Wicky doesn't pour on the atmospheric charm, nor does it try to please raw-fish-weary palates with teriyaki or tempura dishes. But it does offer a focused selection of sushi, nigiri and temaki.
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  • Bunny Buffet

    Rabbit is a healthy and sustainable meat, so why are we averse to eating it?
      Rabbits are a cultural phenomenon. From the Easter Bunny to Thumper to Peter Rabbit to Bugs Bunny, rabbits are seen as cute and cuddly pets, not supper. Not that rabbits don't make excellent table fare.
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  • Big Bird's Burgers

    On the plate of Reviewer No. 1
      On my first trip, I braved the peanut butter and bacon burger ($5.19/$7.19 with fries and a drink), a favorite with regular diners, Big Bird said.
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  • Goldy's Corner

    Half of everything, but not quite a destination
      Ultimately Goldy's Corner is half the breakfast joint of Goldy's, half the coffee shop of any other downtown coffee shop and half the sundry outlet of a gas station market, making it a bit of a failure as a destination.
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  • Wiseguy Pizza Pie

    Was it wise to open another pizza joint downtown?
      In Boise's pizzanated downtown, something needs to set a place apart--be it the absurd hours and more absurd toppings at Pie Hole, the swank ingredients at Flatbread or the brazen cheapness of Guido's.
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  • Locavore

      Regardless of what ideology or trend a restaurant espouses, or how many miles the tomatoes have traveled, a kitchen should never serve questionable food. Period.
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