• Attn: Bob Kustra

    What we have here is a failure to commensurate
      In other words, Bob, you take the college football part. All of it—lock, stock and jock straps. And the U of I takes the university part. This way, both schools can quit pretending they are proficient in roles at which they are clearly dismal flops.
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  • Fools Rush Out

    But that chickenshit stink lingers
      I have something I need to say to Idaho's Republican lawmakers, and I hope, hope, hope I didn't put it off so long that they're already headed back home.
  • Both Sides? No!

    Labrador licks the hand of equal culpability
      The proof is in who pulls the trigger. Even if your party-line horseshit of shared culpability were true--which it's not--it's always my side that ends up with the dead people.
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  • Ask Bill

    A closer look at Lunarship
      Holy crap, am I glad my kid is done with public schools!
  • Libertarianville

    A day in Paul country
      That's what freedom is all about--taking your own risks.
  • Crumbling Foundations

    Part I: The student as commodity
      This will be a most crucial societal challenge confronting Idahoans, this choice between our kids' best interests and a few extremists' dogmatic fever to privatize things that should never be reduced to profit/loss.
  • Crumbling Foundations

    Part II: Cronies come first
      To anyone who believes that providing a broad and public education to a nation's young is among the most fundamental services a government can render, this suggestion to sacrifice teachers on the altar of a balanced budget sounds misguided at best and medieval-level ignorant at worst.
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  • Meddle-Lunka

    What community does VanderSloot speak for?
      This is the man who's trying to get into your heads, fellow Idahoans. As for me, whatever his idea of "community" is, I want no part of it.
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  • Ed Rush—Pt. II

    The empty promise of charter schools
      The impetus behind the rush to establish more and more charter schools is that if private concerns are allowed to take the same budget money allotted to public schools, they could run the education of youngsters like a well-oiled business.
  • Gipper Gaga

    The once and future con
      If you choose to construct your world from scraps of fantasy and threads of make-believe, you should know that sooner or later, you're due for a thorough collapse of the whole flimsy structure.
  • Constitution Reboot

      Take a good look around, and you have to say that regular people don't mind being screwed. I'd even say they look forward to it.
  • Ed Rush-Pt. 1

    Turning school kids into cash cows
      When and if we allow the Republican dream of a privatized universe to materialize in its entirety, your offspring will be at the mercy of Wall Street priorities.
  • The Never-Ending 9/11

    Remembering those who led us into ruin
      The event had done so much more damage to us than the loss of a few buildings and 3,000 American neighbors. I came to understand that Osama bin Laden had infected us with the very disease that had driven him to do what he did.
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  • Eternal Puppy

    The tao of Molly
      That's the moment I want to relive until the end of time, should it turn out the afterlife works in such a way. To have made my daughter weep for pure joy may be the highest thing I will have ever accomplished.
  • President Me

    Eat my dust, Kustra
      It's obvious to me that the starting point of the U of I's woes is that the "I" stands for "Idaho."
  • Palin Mania

    Smile and say 'cheesy'
      If I were smart, I'd never put the words "Sarah" or "Palin" in the same sentence again.
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  • Plug Ugly

    I ain't no engineer, but ...
      Dick Cheney, there's who to blame. Dick Cheney, the only vice president in recent memory so malevolently creepy you wouldn't want your children sitting on his lap. Dick Cheney, the man who let loose the dogs of oil.
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  • HUHA*

    *A condition unrecognized by those who have it
      If I have a friend, an ally or a comrade with his head up his ass, I just let it stay there. My attitude is that it will either work its own way out in due time, or if it doesn't, unsolicited advice from me isn't going to help the situation and might possibly make things worse.
  • Stay Hot

    Wisconsin/Idaho: Two battles, one war
      The question he and all working people in America should be asking is not, "How do I bring those union people down to where I am?" But, "How do I raise myself up to where those union people are?"
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