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    • With a Twist
    • With a Twist

      Illustrator Erin Ruiz's fractured fairy-tales
        It's hard to find the right words to describe what Erin Ruiz does. Is she a skilled craftsperson? A true artisan? Someone well-trained and disciplined in the art of drawing? A pop surrealist? Well, yes, she is all of these things. Simply put, Ruiz is an illustrator.
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    • The Art of Illustration
    • The Art of Illustration

      Artist Ben Wilson is drawing the map and putting Boise on it
        Ben Wilson's elementary school friends used to pay a quarter for his drawings of Ninja Turtles and G.I. Joes. Nowadays, the college graduate earns a living making art for musicians, event producers and business enterprises.
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    • The Home Front
    • The Home Front

      An Iraqi transplant paints her homeland
        One of the most painful and intimate effects of war is how the experience affects different individuals. Every person who is touched by a war has a different response to the ordeal. Throughout history, artists have tried to replicate and respond to the experience of war. In the modern era, well-known impressions of war have ranged from Picasso's Guernica to Grosz' war casualties. But how do regular people respond to their own experiences, and how do they express themselves?
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