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    • The Essence of Place

      Artist Amy Westover's 'Tendency to Exist'
        Amy Westover is an artist who has already lent her considerable talents to public art in Idaho. Her work thus far has demonstrated tremendous sensitivity to the specific site, an understanding of the needs of the space and a willingness to work with different materials to allow her vision to come to life.
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    • Memory Bank

      Painter William Lewis takes inventory
        In September of 2006, painter William Lewis, at age 39, will have his first solo exhibition. It will take place at J Crist Gallery in Boise, and it has been a long time coming. Although he has participated professionally in about a dozen group shows since 1991 (including several faculty exhibits at Boise State), Lewis has yet to have a major exhibition of his work on canvas and paper.
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    • Art Excavation

      The singular geography of artist David Giese
        Visiting artist David Giese a few days past Halloween this fall, his front garden was filled with green webbing strung among frost-dead plants and sculptures. Ferocious looking rubber rats and dressed skeletons peered out from behind curtained windows in the foyer, indicating that here was a man who housed a potentially dark sense of humor. The house even looked scary, the stereotype of every haunted house inside every creeped-out kid's mind. Giese's home overlooks a city park in the heart of Moscow, Idaho, but if not for the busy street, the view out the front windows of his home would transport one to the English countryside, or maybe a Northern Italian villa with a view of the forest--which is precisely where the inspiration for his art comes from.
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    • King's Thrones

      Challis artist Don King's willow and twig chairs transcend simple furniture
        At a quiet oasis just up the river from Challis sits a small collection of the kind of homes that exist beyond any zoning controls or covenants. At the far end of this motley row is a nondescript adobe house, almost invisible from the main highway, its color blending into the surrounding brown hills and sage. Sitting on the flagstone patio that was quarried locally and abundantly, Don King tells me about himself and where he lives.
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    • Sarah Swett

        Weaving, it is said, is one of the oldest human art forms. From a time just beyond humans spraying outlines of their hands on cave walls, fibers were woven together to create blankets, then clothing. At some point, the colors of these fibers-animal hair sometimes enhanced by colors from plants-were arranged in patterns, then later, pictures. Once the beauty of a woven piece of fabric transcended its usefulness and became art, perhaps even telling a story, the tapestry was born.
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    • Virgina DeFoggi

        Virginia, or Jinny as most people call her, does not think of her work as art-a theme she kept returning to as we spoke in her home in Boise's North End one rainy winter day. But to look at her work, her artist's resume, her home and her life you could not come to any other conclusion that she is indeed an artist. Being an artist is a state of mind, and whether she likes it or not, she is one.
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