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    • From the Stage to Your Ribcage

      Promoter Jen Kniss brings U.K. artist Milanese to town
        Sitting cross-legged on a black leather couch, her hand wrapped around a sweat-beaded double vodka Sprite, promoter Jen Kniss speaks with an intensity that thumps louder than Lush's resounding bass. A few years back, you might've heard Kniss' name thrown around in connection with the hip-hop and break-dancing event Project Om, but these days, she has her sights on a new scene. Starting with the edIT concert at Neurolux this past May and continuing with the upcoming Milanese show at Lush, Kniss has wound her way back into the underground.
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    • The Sounds of Science

      After a long hiatus, Thomas Dolby brings back scientifica
        Thomas Dolby may have been considered the proud purveyor of a one-hit wonder. However, he is anything but ...
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