• Mea Sorta Culpa

    I take responsibility for whatever you don't get
      I'm sorry you don't like it, but it's better for both of us if I steer clear of that old tar baby of whose side God is on. You understand, I'm sure. Or maybe you can find someone to explain it to you.
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  • Mad Humans

    The curse of GOP spongiform encephalopathy
      I have a new theory: For 60 years, the scourge of Mad Cow has spread from Republican to Republican, eliminating first any self-diagnostic systems by which they might have sensed something was dreadfully wrong, then eating away any and all vestiges of logic, judgment, classiness, even common decency.
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  • I Wish I Was Republican

    What lefties could learn from the party of no
      What's the point of being a Democrat? When they lose, they let the other side have their way. When they win, they do the same.
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