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  • Easy to please bulbs

    And city code S(to)P:it/3.nO/w explained
      When I was a kid, we got a hilarious annual Christmas letter from Great Aunt Pauline-a four-page psychotic recitation of the tragedies that had befallen people in her little town.
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  • Don't Say Bush

    Latin lessons in hortspeak
      Would it have ended better had Latin class preceded geometry? Doubtful. In one sorry semester, I declined from an A+ dedicated and disciplined student to an unfocused, inattentive and disorderly underachiever who couldn't have anticipated a twilight curiosity about arithmetic and dead languages.
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  • Priscilla, Queen of the BCB

    Local innovator creates Backyard Chicken Barns for sale
      Since it's so hot that Boiseans are flocking to the snowy film March of the Penguins just to fantasize, we dispense with gardening this week. Everything looks like crap anyway.
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  • On Edge

    Life in the garden
      Punishment isn't always swift or certain, but it would seem that breaking self-imposed dress code rules incurs the immediate wrath of the big foreman in the sky.
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  • Babbling Boiseans

    It's Bush's fault
      After much thought (well, not THAT much), I've decided that Vista and Broadway boulevards, those tasteless trails of trashiness, are Bush's fault, not that things to blame him for are in short supply.
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