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    • Mary Ann on a Mission

      Dawn Wells has plans for the future of film in Idaho
        Idaho resident Dawn Wells knows she is part of television history ever since the U.S.S. Minnow shipwrecked in a storm and stranded those seven familiar "types" on an uncharted tropical island known (through endless reruns) as "Gilligan's Island." Wells played Mary Ann, the attractive general store clerk from Kansas. The popular show premiered in 1964 and posed a dilemma for all adolescent boys. Which woman would they choose between the "wholesome" but sexy Mary Ann and the "provocative" Ginger? Mary Ann was the girl you married to bear children; Ginger was the wild one-night stand.

        Dawn Wells was one of 350 actresses who auditioned for the cute castaway. The former Miss Nevada got the part that made her famous and created the stereotype of everyone's favorite "nice girl" next door: Mary Ann Summers. Dawn Wells spoke to BW on the phone from the Red Lion in Idaho Falls and proved an easy interview subject, spilling over with information and enthusiasm.
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