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    • Going For Baroque

      Dan Scott's exhibit at J Crist

        The 2007 Triennial currently on view at the Boise Art Museum includes a striking survey of what is going on in painting in Idaho these days, and one of the artists whose work stands out is Dan Scott. He probably would do so in any group show of contemporary painters today. As the Triennial and other events around the country suggest, we are in an era in which no single trend or school of painting dominates, and the directions and intentions are all over the map. Under the circumstances, an artist whose work seems removed from this maelstrom, offering an oasis of accomplished technique, sumptuous surfaces and quiet contemplation is bound to get noticed.

        For those whose appetite is whetted by the two examples of Scott's at BAM, J Crist Gallery offers an opportunity to further experience his art without competing distractions. The nine new works that make up the show "Know Me This Way" at J Crist, rendered in oil on canvas and board, are esoteric still lifes that contain more than meets the eye.

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    • Shock of the Old

      William Lewis at J Crist Gallery
        On September 7, J Crist Gallery kicked off the 2006-2007 season with a bang, bringing in an exciting show of impressive work by a rarely seen artist. Certainly it is the liveliest art to appear in a local gallery for some time after a stretch of mostly humdrum fare in Boise.
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    • Art Shop

      Sue Latta refuses to be bound by medium
        Sue Latta has always had the drive to create. "I make stuff," she says, "That's just what I do. I can't help it." Her role as an artist has taken several twists and turns to get to the point where it is now, as a sculptor working in various mediums. It is precisely the sort of path that takes an individual on a journey of discovery that creates not only who they are, but also determines what they create.
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    • Art From Underground

      Basement Gallery's new show deserves above-ground attention
        People are usually in such a state of oblivion thinking about all the errands they want to get done over lunch or hoping they didn't get another parking ticket that they walk around with figurative blinders on. If that describes you, well, stop it. Stop passing by and actually go down the stairs to see the latest exhibit at the Basement Gallery, on the corner of 10th and Main streets.
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    • Opposites' Attraction
    • Opposites' Attraction

      A unique gallery concept fused in differences
        Irene Deely, owner and titular artist of the Woman of Steel Gallery, and Daniel Georget, artists' rep and gallery expert, have forged a new partnership. Since 2003, Deely has been the single proprietor of Woman of Steel, and her metal fabrications have taken center stage. Last spring, Deely brought Georget in as the gallery's director, and now they have split the previously single space into two distinct galleries.
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    • Pretty and Nice

      J Crist Gallery's still life show
        The current show at J Crist Gallery is "Still Life with Objects" (through July 28) and more than anything, it seems to be about the appeal of nice things. The show includes paintings, watercolors, glass and jewelry. Just over a dozen artists are represented and the space is appropriately full, abundance being a common theme in the still life.
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    • What's "Weird"?

      Richard Vine on the state of art
        Thirty years ago, the performance/installation artist Chris Burden succinctly captured the prevailing mood in contemporary art with his statement: "Art doesn't have a purpose. It's a free spot in society, where you can do anything." For Burden and throngs of his peers, works of art no longer strive to exalt, provide answers or address universal truths, but rather should erase complacency, challenge proscription and push the envelope with a vengeance.
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    • Don't Take Me Alive

      Dave Thomas at J Crist
        By now, it's safe to say abstract art has its own tradition. The pioneers of the genre were hammering out their manifestoes over 50 years ago. Their accomplishments survived the initial backlash and they seem, in a sense, to be re-emerging. Everyone today has the cliched image of an abstract painting in his or her brain, or, if not, has seen good gestural abstract work while watching an episode of Frasier.
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    • Hands That Speak

      Artist Molly Hill at J Crist Gallery
        Boise artist Molly Hill could be called recalcitrant on the subject of her paintings. She is a successful artist, whose current showing of acrylic on canvas paintings at J Crist Gallery, entitled Talking Hands, opens on First Thursday, but she is hesitant--almost resistant--to talking about her work.
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    • Christine Christens Crist

      A total minimalist experience
        J Crist Gallery has inaugurated its brand new space at 17th and Fairview with brand new work on canvas and paper by Boise painter Christine Raymond, and the choice of artist is particularly fitting.
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