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    • That Ain't So Good...

      Relative to what?
        The very morning the storm came ashore on the Gulf Coast, I began a column meant to have a bit of fun with the housing bubble and what we here in the Boise Valley might do for an economy should real estate markets go belly up. I was hoping to get a laugh or two out of it. After a few paragraphs, I put aside the writing, forgot about Katrina, and went to my regular work.
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    • A View of the Deep South

        Jose Manzanares is a 23-year-old from Caldwell, working for Americorps National Civilian Community Corps in Meadville, Mississippi, located 140 miles north of New Orleans and 192 miles north of Biloxi. He runs a shelter for approximately 60 to 90 Hurricane Katrina victims, and spoke with BW just before midnight on September 5.
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    • A Big, Easy Solution

      An emergency evacuation plan for all America
        Dear George,
        I have an honest and sincere request to make of you. I would understand fully if you didn't give me the courtesy of a response since, as you must know, I have written some awfully harsh things about you in the past. On second thought, you probably don't know, seeing as how those harsh things have all appeared in a newspaper. And the way I hear it, you pay less attention to newspapers than you do to weather reports.
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