• A look back-Part 1

    The first few days away I revisit what got me here
      It was weird this week. Seeing a new issue of Boise Weekly in the newsstands and racks and not necessarily knowing what was inside. I had an inkling, but by and large a lot of the stuff I had not read prior to it getting published. It is strange not to be a part of something that I've been working on for five years.
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  • Letters

      I received a phone message the other day about our lack of letters to the editor in every issue since January 1.
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  • $50

      As we embark on a new legislative session, we are treated to another State of the State address. To combat my high utility bills, I learned that the Guv wants to give every Idahoan a check for $50. That's awful nice of you, Guv, but didn't we recently just let expire a sales tax increase to cover the budget deficit?
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  • 30 Years Ago

      As I began 2006, I woke up and strangely recalled 1976. That year was big in my youth. I was 9-years-old and it was a big birthday for the nation. I recall the Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox I had, spying on my 12-year-old neighbor making out with her boyfriend under the deck of her house, silver moonboots, designer jeans (yes, even for 9-year-olds) and rummaging in the neighbor's trash. I remember finding broken fishing rods and girls clothes, which I tried on in the basement of our house--my only foray into crossdressing. I checked that life experience off my list early.
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  • C-spanning

      The other day I woke up at 4 a.m. This isn't an abnormal occurrence. Occasionally, after a full night of beverages, I rise in the middle of the night for a little bladder relief. Only this night I couldn't get back to sleep. So what is there to do at 4 a.m.? Uninterested in infomercials, I watched C-Span.
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  • The "Santa Threat"

      As the current economic recovery hasn't yet "trickled down" to my middle-class saving-account, Christmas, once again, will be a little lean. It may be the perfect Christmas to teach the Spawn a valuable lesson in life, though. Although I recall my own father threatening my brother and me with the "Santa threat" of him bringing nothing but coal for Christmas for a period of years in my youth, I don't ever recall him carrying through with it.
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  • Open your Minds and Hearts, Brother

      It seems evey time there is a big push by the administration to up the President's poll numbers through nationalistic speeches--attended only by screened attendees who sign a pledge to applaud--I get a flurry of phone calls and e-mails about Ted Rall, Bill Cope and accusations of slander, libel and all kinds of nasties are hurled at this paper.
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