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    • A look back-Part 1

      The first few days away I revisit what got me here
        It was weird this week. Seeing a new issue of Boise Weekly in the newsstands and racks and not necessarily knowing what was inside. I had an inkling, but by and large a lot of the stuff I had not read prior to it getting published. It is strange not to be a part of something that I've been working on for five years.
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    • Letters

        I received a phone message the other day about our lack of letters to the editor in every issue since January 1.
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    • $50

        As we embark on a new legislative session, we are treated to another State of the State address. To combat my high utility bills, I learned that the Guv wants to give every Idahoan a check for $50. That's awful nice of you, Guv, but didn't we recently just let expire a sales tax increase to cover the budget deficit?
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    • 30 Years Ago

        As I began 2006, I woke up and strangely recalled 1976. That year was big in my youth. I was 9-years-old and it was a big birthday for the nation. I recall the Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox I had, spying on my 12-year-old neighbor making out with her boyfriend under the deck of her house, silver moonboots, designer jeans (yes, even for 9-year-olds) and rummaging in the neighbor's trash. I remember finding broken fishing rods and girls clothes, which I tried on in the basement of our house--my only foray into crossdressing. I checked that life experience off my list early.
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    • C-spanning

        The other day I woke up at 4 a.m. This isn't an abnormal occurrence. Occasionally, after a full night of beverages, I rise in the middle of the night for a little bladder relief. Only this night I couldn't get back to sleep. So what is there to do at 4 a.m.? Uninterested in infomercials, I watched C-Span.
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    • The "Santa Threat"

        As the current economic recovery hasn't yet "trickled down" to my middle-class saving-account, Christmas, once again, will be a little lean. It may be the perfect Christmas to teach the Spawn a valuable lesson in life, though. Although I recall my own father threatening my brother and me with the "Santa threat" of him bringing nothing but coal for Christmas for a period of years in my youth, I don't ever recall him carrying through with it.
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    • Open your Minds and Hearts, Brother

        It seems evey time there is a big push by the administration to up the President's poll numbers through nationalistic speeches--attended only by screened attendees who sign a pledge to applaud--I get a flurry of phone calls and e-mails about Ted Rall, Bill Cope and accusations of slander, libel and all kinds of nasties are hurled at this paper.
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    • Saturday Night's All Right•Fiction 101

        We don't go all out celebrating birthdays around the office. Sometimes a cake might show up, like for the publisher's birthday last month, when the staff enjoyed a Black Forest cake (the Pub's favorite) that was not touched by the b-girl. Apparently she's really sticking close to her diet and workout routine and looks faaaabbulloouuuss if you haven't seen her lately. But mostly we just mention birthdays in the staff meetings on Friday.
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    • Auction Season

        'Tis the auction season. Beginning with the Boise Weekly cover auction, I have now been the auctioneer of at least three fundraising auctions in Boise this season. While I don't do the typical lip-flapping--preferring to take a more art auctioneer approach--I do try to generate excitement. Why I am asked to do these things befuddles me.
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    • Banter

        In the newsroom, statistics get bunted around like questions on a quiz show. "Bush's approval rating is 39 percent nationwide. Someone guess what Bush's aproval rating is in Idaho ... Go ahead. Guess,
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    • 2005 Cover Auction

        This past weekend, we held the 4th Annual Boise Weekly Cover Auction. It was another smashing success. The beneficiary was ArtFaire, a local organization that assists young folks with art education. The more young artists we create and inspire in our community, the stronger its soul will be. And this year we've inspired young artists with over $10,000 of support raised. We had a record this year, too.
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    • Auction Fever

        The last time I'd gone to an auction at a farm, I was a boy living on a small farm in Colorado during an era when family farms were shutting down. I learned some valuable lessons from my father. Go in with a price in your head and don't get caught up in auction fever. When bidding gets above your price, move on. Otherwise, your own farm may end up like this one.
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