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    • Mayor's Hotline

        What lurks in the minds of average Boiseans? Apparently dogs, development and, oh, how much we love our moms.

        Check out the latest week in calls to the Mayor's Hotline.

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    • Mayors Hotline

        They're back. That's right, after a long pause, we're happy to bring back the transcripts from the Boise Mayor's Hotline.

        Once again, the topic topping everyone's list: dogs and the foothills. Oh, and a bunch of out-of-state people seem to have problems with contacting long-lost relatives and with out dry grass.

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    • Tis the Season for Bad Air

        Calls were light this week to the Mayor's Hotline, but the topic du jour was clearly (or not so clear) air quality.

        It seems more and more Boiseans are getting fed up with air pollution, and want the worst offenders to pay. Among the ideas: get delivery trucks to clean up their act and make I-84 a toll road for those who don't meet emissions standards.

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    • Mayor's Hotline: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Books!

        This week the Mayor's Hotline was lit-up with calls about noisy Boise: From all-nighter construction at the Capitol to that really irritating "beep, beep, beep," back-up noise before dawn.

        Then, of course there's the woman who doesn't want her neighborhood blighted by a public library, when a perfectly good antique store could go there instead ...

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