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      On Nov. 9
        On Nov. 9, we'll elect a president. Whomever it is, it will not be the president I wanted nor the president three quarters of Americans wanted—because that's the math of the presidential primary we've created in our very confining two-party system.
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      You people are a threat to us
    • From the Far Margins

        My agreement with spiders is not worth the air I once spoke it into. I cannot make pacts with them to stay in their place, to never intrude on my house or my life. I can’t ask them to make me comfortable. Even the most gentle of us bite in self defense.
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      The train to Nampa
        What if we could hop a train to the farmers market in downtown Nampa? What if the shops, restaurants, churches and town centers of Meridian and Eagle were just a few stops away? What if a person could live in Caldwell and work, shop or go to school in Boise without even driving their car?
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    • From the Far Margins

        Today across Idaho, more than 30 teenagers at a time show up in rooms with a single adult at the helm.
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      The audition
        When my name was called, Ivanka came out and greeted me with a stiff outstretched hand. Digging her colored nails into my flesh, she whispered loudly, “There is no f*cking way you are getting this job.”
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      Pretending to pray
        It’s time we stop risking having the most extreme or pure of either party as our only option.
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        A rainbow pride flag hung at half mast in front of city hall and Fatima felt her hands shake.
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      Falling down stairs
        “Leave me alone. If I am broken or unconscious, leave me here. Trust me. It’s better.”
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        "My dad killed caribou after caribou, huge sea migrating trout and birds. But it was my mother who taught me to shoot a gun."
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      Three red lights
        From the case files of Officer Joad: "It's not justice that the fines are the same, that the consequences are so vastly different."
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      Leaving the parties behind
        "If you do not understand why so many gathered for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, why so many threaded lines for hours to cast a ballot, think of the struggles we face."
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        Why am I here? You have to know. When you've seen the dream is shit, when you gave it all to make it big and now just can't, you want someone who did, who lets you forget it all—because he is going to be one hell of a ride to watch.
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      The vanished
        "If we are ill, we can choose treatment, take medication, but we have to believe we are worth saving before we will do that."
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      What can be done
        I participate in politics, I vote and caucus and work for candidates because I will not cede my country to the angry and the hateful.
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      The refrigerator box
        "The babies with dangly parts we dress in blue and tell to be tough, strong and make money because they'll need to support a family. The ones born without dangly parts we dress in pink and tell to be delicate and kind, nurturing and pretty because they'll need a man to support them."
    • From the Far Margins

      Custer County in winter
        "Wilderness designation puts a place on the map—worthy of visiting. Places are loved out of their silence, their wildness, loved into trampled, contaminated, scarred, playgrounds where goats, pine martin, owls and mink won't go."
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      The beauty of the dream
        It's like life is dynamite waiting to blow and it's just a matter of waiting for when.

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