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  • A Tale of One City

    Dave Boling's debut novel, Guernica, tells of life, love and war
      For the first time in several years, the Washington News Tribune's 56-year-old sports writer Dave Boling will not be spending this year's "bye week" (a sports term for a period of time-off for a team) with the Seattle Seahawks. Instead, he will be busy on a book tour to promote his debut novel of historic fiction, Guernica, a story of family, war and Picasso's famous mural.
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  • Time for a Tome

    Ammon Shea's account of the OED
      What we choose to read defines us. Fans of the complex and graceful murder mysteries of Elizabeth George will not view the world through the same lens as those who relish the horror and artfully designed chaos of Stephen King. But it is only when our reading transcends mere entertainment and enters the realm of quest that we can begin to understand the outer limits of the written word.
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  • Praying to Spirits

    Chelsea Handler's new book is not for the faint of funny
      "I was having a hard time learning the lesson of why it's not a good idea to live with friends. Along with not drinking and driving, not having sex on the first date, and always carrying a tampon, this was yet another example of me learning lessons the hard way."
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  • Small Presses, Big Stories

    First-time regional novelists deliver entertaining reads
      As a working writer, the idea of penning the next great American novel shoots through my subconscious, not unlike, I imagine, a quarterback thinks about winning the Heismann trophy or a house band imagines taking home a Grammy.
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  • You Can't Take Boise Out of the Man

    Desert poet Richard Shelton returns to his roots
      While much of his work is synonymous with the Sonoran Desert where he has lived since 1956, Richard Shelton draws heavily on his Idaho roots in his poetry and nonfiction writing. Born and raised in Boise, Shelton returns to Idaho this week for two readings.
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  • Aging Mistresses

    Kelly Christensen's The Great Man
      This story was originally published in the New York Observer.
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  • Mostly Amusing Book

    Kevin Smith turns blog into in-depth look inside his head
      By many standards, Kevin Smith is a successful filmmaker. His films do well from an accounting standard, tending to turn profits near and far, and the cultural effects of his work are profound, if not undisputed.
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  • Look, up in the sky!

    Author delivers enjoyable look into supervillain's head
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  • Time Machine

    Thomas Pynchon's latest novel, Against the Day
      The publication of a new Pynchon novel is an event and has been since, at age 25, the reclusive author dropped V, the story of a quest, in our laps. That first novel announced a gifted writer with the powers of a Joyce, Faulkner or Melville and the mind of an Einstein.
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  • We're Here, We're Queer ... Kind of

    Authors Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall on mystery and being second-born
      Blind Curves, the first in the Blind Eye mystery novel series by husband-and-wife writing team Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall, opens with investigative reporter and lesbian Velvet Erickson flipping off passing motorists as she cruises down San Francisco's 101 North freeway.
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  • "She's Grand; She's Fine"

    Paula Spencer, Roddy Doyle's follow-up to The Woman Who Walked into Doors
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  • Story Time

    Jane Breskin Zalben and her Paths to Peace
      This is the full text of the Jane Breskin Zalben interview.
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