• Flush With Art

    The Boise WaterShed uses public art to teach water conservation
      Down a steep hill off Chinden Boulevard, Joplin Road cuts a curvy path through rocks and scratchy brush. After a short distance, a security guard motions for approaching cars to stop. Emerging from his parked SUV, badge and belt buckle glinting in the afternoon sun, the guard scribbles visitors' names, addresses and phone numbers on his clipboard. It feels eerily more like entering the set of Erin Brockovich than taking a trip out to the Boise WaterShed.
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  • Bugged by pomo

    Do you have cockroach issues?
      The nature show is, by now, a well-established genre and one I have great affinity for. Its aim is to capture nature in its beauty, horror, desperation and glory, with the hope that in doing so, people will see it for the wonder it is, and then honor and cherish it. As I walked through Catherine Chalmers' show, "American Cockroach," I couldn't help but feel like the plea of a nature show had been lost somewhere inside its weak simulation of post-modern thought.
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  • Itty bitty City Commission

    The Boise City Arts Commission evolves
      To most Boiseans, city hall is just a place to drop off parking ticket payments; it's an impenetrable fortress protected by a moat of department acronyms and insider jargon. In an attempt to get to the heart of the city's new Department of Arts and History, BW braved a mountain of tri-fold brochures and full-color, bullet point strategy maps to get a rundown of what has changed with the old Boise City Arts Commission and how that will affect public art in our fair city.
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  • Joining the circus

    An artist juggles schizophrenia and his search for understanding
      "Everyone at some point in time has had a mental illness. It is how we cope and the help offered that determines its duration and severity." -Matt Bodett
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  • F is for font

    Investigating Boise's love affair with the prolific Papyrus
      Some folks are bothered by innocuous human behaviors, like chewing with your mouth open, for instance. Or talking during a movie, chatting loudly on a cell phone in a restaurant, driving too quickly or too slowly, adding salt to food before tasting it or leaving the toilet seat up. In fact, so bitter is the modern human that it goes without saying ... name something, anything, that a person does, and odds are this thing bothers somebody.
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  • From Burundi to Boise

    Zoo Boise to open African Plains exhibit this fall
      Dust swirls around hard hats and jackhammers in the blanketing early afternoon haze. Monica Hopkins, communications director for Zoo Boise, excitedly points to various half-poured foundations and piles of rocks, trying to paint the picture of an East African village in the middle of downtown Boise. Hopkins is part of a team that has helped raise $3.6 million for the zoo's biggest exhibit to date, the African Plains Exhibit.
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