• Hell of a Well

    "Sweet," says Otter about Payette's big drill
      Given that livestock easily outnumber people in Payette County, natural gas may turn into a cash cow for Bridge, the State of Idaho and Payette landowners.
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  • Bridge Club August 31

    A Trump Coup
      When you study this hand you might conclude that 6 spades is too high, and that the defense should be able to come to more than 1 trick.
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  • Bridge Club August 17

    Skewered by a brilliant lead
      I always welcome stories of good plays by the competitors at the club, so I have to tell this one even if I am the victim.
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  • Bridge Club July 27

    Bidding with a Fit
      This hand demonstrates that fit and controls can make a hand with only a few high-card points a powerful hand.
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  • Bridge Club July 13

    A lesson hand
      In the search for interesting hands we look for lessons, and this hand can teach us about bidding and play.
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  • Bridge Club July 6

    Strange Things Happen!
      Strange things happen at the bridge table, and results can be hilarious.
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  • Bridge Club June 29

    Count tricks, make your contract
      This interesting hand from club play gives us another lesson in our "count your tricks" theme.
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  • Bridge Club April 13, 2005

    Another Lesson in Balancing
      Today's hand has lessons in defense and declarer play, with the biggest lesson to be had in the bidding. East's questionable decision to bid his four card majors instead of balancing with a double led him to the uncomfortable contract of two spades going down two on good defense.
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