• Strange Bedfellows

    A geologist and a politician unite to bring Sirius Idaho Theatre Company to Moscow audiences
      Starting a new private non-profit theater company in the Pullman-Moscow region, already blessed with several community theater groups and two university drama departments, might seem a little risky. But risk is what theater is all about for Moscow thespians Pam Palmer and John Dickinson.
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  • Musicals Ahoy

    A BLT production, kiddie-style
      There's something both stimulating and frightening about the thought of 40 children congregating on stage for a musical. The right kids and the right (patient) production staff can create magic and fire up the imagination. The wrong ones ... well, we've all seen the disastrous results.
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  • People Will Talk

    The New Heritage Theatre Company sparks scandal
      Spending three hours in a black box listening to 200-year-old gossip can be a daunting task, but not with New Heritage's performance of The School for Scandal under Pamela Sterling's guest direction.
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  • Modern Morality Play

    Frisco quake shakes out seven deadlies at Stage Coach Theatre
      It's the eve of the big 1989 San Francisco earthquake. Californians make uneasy tremor jokes as the earth begins to shift in anticipation of what will turn out to be a big one. And high in the sky, like a self-appointed goddess, lovely traffic reporter in a helicopter Avery Bly looks down on the fears and foibles of her fellow humans.
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  • Labor of Love

    Idaho Shakespeare Festival celebrates love, humor and Russian disco
  • Matter of Perspective

    East Indian Follies brings a unique voice to local theater
      Dance Like a Man, the latest production from the East Indian Follies theater company, will share with Boise the perspective of two generations in a traditional South Indian family.
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  • More than a Door

    KED keeps time travel fresh in latest production
      Time travel is a tricky business. Even a Star Trek-addicted fan like this writer admits that jumps through the space-time continuum served as a too-often-used plot device for that enduring show and its sequels over the years--not to mention countless other TV shows and movies that have failed to deliver because of their ridiculous time-jump stories.
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  • Golden Years

    Take a nostalgic trip down to the Pond
      On Golden Pond is an oddly compelling story that leaves you feeling just a little bit better about life by its close--accompanied by a quivering lip and a lump in your throat just before you finally burst into tears.
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  • Comic Thriller?

    Not much murder or mystery at SCT
      In Marriage Is Murder, a divorced couple of writers get together again strictly for the purpose of writing another novel about their fictional super sleuth, Miss Charlotte "Charlie" Hayakawa. Nick Hall's convoluted script about Paul and Polly Butler is a real mystery.
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  • But Where's the Main Course?

    CAN-ACT presents slow drama for 50th production
      Pie Supper, ending its run this weekend at the CAN-ACT theater in Karcher Mall, is a strange little play without much plot and possessing adult content that might make some viewers uncomfortable. The play seems an unfortunate choice for the milestone 50th production for this creative and hard-working theatrical group.
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  • "Big" Musical Fantasy

    Talented actors enliven slow show at BLT
      Director Rick Hoover has assembled some of the valley's most talented adults and children in his cast of more than 40, and they dance and sing their way into your heart, in spite of an uninspired musical score and rather pedestrian lyrics.
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  • My Three Sons

    BCT addresses consequences of cloning
      As director of Caryl Churchill's play, A Number, the ever-charming Richard Klautsch gave the introduction on the play's opening night at Boise Contemporary Theater. He self-effacingly described the director's role as best done by staying out of the actors' way.
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  • Unspoken Love

    SCT presents down-home humor
      It may start as a dark and stormy night, but Trading Post by Larry Ketron is anything but dark. It is a delightful play, filled with folksy humor, colorful but believable characters, and some definite insights about the importance of communication.
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  • Wacky Nuns

    Knock 'Em Dead presents hilarious musical
      With the usual convenience of the Knock 'Em Dead Dinner Theatre, there is free parking, a delicious dinner (by Sonia's Catering) and a fun show, Meshuggah-Nuns, all in one place--just like a cruise. And the wait staff are friendly, energetic actors--and nuns--adding to the merriment of the evening.
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  • Spies Like Us

    Prairie Dog Productions presents James Blonde
      Though their theater is in my neighborhood, I had not been to any of Prairie Dog Productions' performances before James Blonde and was looking forward to going. I knew that PDP is proud of its parodies and people find them quite amusing, but I sucked down a gallon of coffee before I left because no matter how enthralling a stage performance may be, sitting quietly in the dark can lead to a little snoozing.
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