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  • Exquisite Apathy

    Elegy serves a sumptuous banquet of both rapture and discontent
      What makes a poem, a concerto, or an oil painting a work of art? Is it the craft, the symmetry, the aesthetics that renders it great, or must it be paired with meaning and significance?
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  • High Strung

    Man on Wire documents beautiful rebellion
      This last winter, the world became a little dimmer with the deaths of two iconic men who personified daring, grit and the spirit of adventure. I'm speaking, of course, about daredevil Robert "Evel" Knievel and Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to conquer Everest.
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  • Keepin' it Real

    The Wackness deals with timeless teenage angst
      Hip-hop culture is known for taking the dopest elements of its past and re-imagining them in a way that is fresh, exciting and appealing to a contemporary society.
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  • Hard Road Home

    Brick Lane follows one woman's path to freedom
      Brick Lane is not about 9/11. Nor is it about feminist awakening, or nationalism or love. Or maybe it's about all of these things. While it certainly touches on these ideas, it is too complex a film to be summed up with a single platitude.
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    Pining for the journalist-hero bad boy, Hunter S. Thompson may do more harm than good
      Considered next to Taxi to the Dark Side and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney's Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is not a takedown of that which has come to pass, a la Iraq and Enron.
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  • Saddle Up

    True West Cinema Festival's fifth annual round-up promises wild ride
      Founded in 2004, the True West Cinema Festival has been bringing the Treasure Valley a yearly harvest of the most esoteric, intriguing and challenging films being made today along with the pioneering men and women who created them.
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  • Dousing and Carousing

    Attitude checks are available in two new films at the Flicks
      In these heady times of free wi-fi, easy global travel and television channels dedicated to exploring the larger world, cultural ignorance is finally becoming a thing of the past.
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  • Melodramatic License

    Chinese-Australian-German production suffers from reality bite
      There's a sort of family ritual that my dad and I undertake every time he drives over from Oregon to see me. Right about noontime, he'll call and tell me, "I'm six and a half hours away—what's playing tonight?"
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