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    • Nowhere No More

      A tiny, historic site in Elmore County is about to become the next big thing
        On a typical weekday morning 18 miles west of Boise, Interstate 84 is choked with Detroit steel. At the busy Exit 35 on-ramp, a cramped line of commuters creeps out of the town of Nampa, a former railroad stop turned booming suburb, and awkwardly merges with a line that has crept over from Caldwell, another former whistlestop town. Once knotted together into gridlock that belies Idaho's rural reputation, the streams roll slowly toward Boise--directly into the rays of the rising sun. Eighteen miles east of Boise on that same morning, the scene is very different.
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    • Downward Spiral

      Growth doesn't always mean more revenue
        America is beginning to look the same from sea to shining sea. Nearly every city's core shopping area is based on a formula: One Wal-Mart, one Best Buy, one Target, one Krispy Kreme, an assortment of Chevron, Texaco or Exxon stations, a Pottery Barn, a Container Store, a Toys-R-Us, Babies-R-Us, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Borders ... you get the picture. Is it good for the economy?
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