• What's the Word? Ah, "politburo"

      In Stalin's Russia, the Communist governing body was known as the Political Bureau, or politburo for short.

      As he consolidated power, Stalin turned the politburo into a "supreme executive and legislative body" that was "entirely in command of its membership, decisions, and debates," according to the ever-handy online Marxist Encyclopedia.

      I just can't help but think of a certain Boise company these days when I'm perusing politburo history.

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  • KIVI's Free Advice for Micron

      Well, here's another blog I guess we'll have to monitor some.

      Scott Picken, the news director over at KIVI Channel 6, finally got fed up over what he sees as a botched job by Micron when it came to laying off the estimated 1,100 people now getting pink slips.

      Now, in an open letter to Micron's managers, he lets 'em have it in a way that spurned Micronauts will find refreshing.

      But is it news?

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