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2008 Readers' Choice Public Eye 


KTVB Channel 7

They break stories that the rest of us must follow. They have the best makeup people. They win awards and they've been dominating the local television news scene for, well, forever. That's why it's not terribly surprising that for our Boise Weekly readers, KTVB News Channel 7 takes the cake for best news source. Such is the media market in Boise. So we promise to tune in more, Dee and Maggie and Mark and especially Ysabel. Keep digging.

Second Place: Boise Weekly

Third Place: KIVI Channel 6


KTVB Channel 7

KTVB Channel 7, Boise's NBC affiliate, takes the prize here, too, by a wide margin. They have your favorite newscasters, favorite news, favorite everything—well almost everything (see best weatherperson). You, dear Boise Weekly readers, obviously have a thing for them. We hope that it's a long and rewarding relationship for the both of you.

Second Place: KIVI Channel 6

Third Place: KTRV Channel 12


Mayor Dave Bieter

Last year, readers were discontented, and there was no best local politician. But this year, Mayor Bieter must have raised his cachet, because he was promoted to First Place, reclaiming his title from past years. Perhaps it was Bieter's victory lap with Kristin Armstrong? Perhaps readers can't wait to take a train from Grainey's to the Bouquet? Maybe it's his regular commute via bicycle. Or maybe it's just that he's just such a likable dude.

Second Place: Rep. Nicole LeFavour

Third Place: Gov. C. L. "Butch" Otter


Scott Dorval, KIVI Channel 6

The champion reigns supreme. Not only did Scott Dorval defend his title as Boise's favorite weatherperson, but he did it by a margin of more than double his nearest competitor. There's no question, the Treasure Valley loves this guy. Maybe it's his congenial TV personality, it might just be that he's the most accurate source for planning our weekend excursions, but we at BW think it's the bobble-head.

Second Place: Larry Gebert, KTVB Channel 7

Third Place: Rick Lantz, KTVB Channel 7


Tim Johnstone/Ken Bass, The River, 94.9-FM

click to enlarge CHARLES FOREST

We like to think The River and Boise Weekly go together like peas and carrots. Especially first thing in the morning. Ken Bass and Tim Johnstone have been making appearances in Best of Boise for many, many moons, although they've only joined forces in the last couple of years. Johnstone is known for his savvy taste in music and his ability to rattle off obscure music trivia, while Bass keeps the show moving with punchy lines and laughs. Tune in to KRVB 94.9-FM weekday mornings to catch the dynamic duo.

second place: Mike and Kate, Mix 106, KCIX-FM

third place: Big J, The X, 100.3-FM


Dee Sarton, KTVB Channel 7

She's back. That's right, the queen bee of Idaho television news is back in the top spot this year after, several years of being shown up by some relative newbies at her station. She beat out the other members of her own news team to reclaim the title of favorite local television anchor. Sarton's been ruling the Boise television news scene for decades now—in fact, some adult Boise natives don't remember a time when she wasn't the one reading the nightly news. She's a familiar face in a constantly changing sea of anchors, and she's made the big desk her territory for years. Sure, the rest of the KTVB news team didn't do badly, either, but there's no question who rules the anchor desk at Channel 7.

Second Place: Mark Johnson, KTVB Channel 7

Third Place: Carolyn Holly, KTVB Channel 7


The River, 94.9-FM

Boise Weekly readers have a love affair with KRVB 94.9-FM, better known as The River. Year after year, the station tops the list of what to tune into while you're cruising around in your car or just kicking back at home. Could it be that you love the fact that the station offers up some local tunes, as well as artists you won't hear anywhere else. Maybe it's the mix of artists, styles and genres that keeps you interested day after day. Maybe it's those oh-so-clever disc jockies whom you also vote to the top of the list year after year. Do we see a trend here? We think so, but we really can't argue. We love the station, too—especially since they let BW's editor hang out for a few minutes on air every Wednesday morning.

Second Place: Boise State Radio/National Public Radio, 91.5-FM in Boise

Third Place: Bob, 96.1-FM


Alive After Five

click to enlarge CHARLES FOREST

The winners in this category revolve around a five- or 10-block area, which is a testament to Boise's love for its downtown. But readers know that it's Alive After Five, the love fest, that brings together at least three generations of Boiseans every Wednesday after work throughout the summer. They go for great tunes, a run through the fountain on the Grove Plaza, cold beer and a mashup of Boise culture—college students, hipsters, kiddies, tourists, crazy dancers and the business crowd.

Second Place: Downtown Boise

Third Place: Capital City Public Market


Idaho Humane Society

The little kitties and puppies have an obvious pull on readers' heartstrings, but who can blame you? You gave the Idaho Humane Society the title of best do-gooder group, yet again. Year after year, this nonprofit tops the list for its tireless work protecting our fuzzy friends—everything from stray cats to bobcats and wolves. These guys operate in a state that just banned cock fighting in 2008 and may, someday, ban canned hunts, so they deserve extra kudos.

second place: Idaho Food Bank

Third Place: Idaho Youth Ranch


Boise River

Hey, you can walk to the Boise River, and it's a real urban river. At least, that's what readers think when they take their out-of-town guests floating, splashing, fishing or sunbathing. Take a stroll along the downtown portion of the Greenbelt and humbly point out the idyllic scene. Casually mention the children playing on the banks or the fisherman who just got off work half an hour before. It's kind of Boiseans' way of rubbing quality of life in the face of visitors.

Second Place: Downtown Boise

Third Place: Stanley

(Sorry, no information is currently available for other years in this same award category.)


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