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Best Local Athletic Store 

Idaho Mountain Touring Go in, get out.

Laurie Pearman

Idaho Mountain Touring Go in, get out.

Idaho Mountain Touring

What Boise athletic stores have that their national chain, big-box competition doesn't is a finger on the pulse of the Boise aesthetic. The City of Trees has a distinctly local recreational feel, and Idaho Mountain Touring knows just what Boise outdoors enthusiasts want.

2nd Place: McU Sports—McU Sports knows outdoorsy Boiseans have recreational opportunities in the city, in the mountains and on the rivers. At its downtown location, it stocks its Frisbee golf equipment, camping gear, sunglasses and sandals. For kayaking, rafting, skiing and snowboarding, it has its location on Bogus Basin Road.

3rd Place: Shu's Idaho Running Company—It's unusual to see a sport-specific shop appear on a list of general sporting goods stores, but Shu's place is well-deserved. Running and jogging are core pastimes for many Boiseans, and this longtime establishment, located on State Street, is at the center of that culture, showing up at everything from fun runs to triathlons.


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