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Best Local Sports Bar 

Crescent No Lawyers Bar & Grill

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We used to wonder what would happen if a lawyer broke the very emphatic rules stated clearly in the bar's moniker. But if you've ever read the menu and seen the offering of lawyer fries, which are the sliced and fried remnants of the male anatomy (of the bovine species, reportedly), there's little question about what fate awaits any attorney with balls enough (tee hee) to step inside. And when he or she does step into the Crescent, that's when the "sporting" part of best sports bar comes in, see? If that is, you consider lawyer-hunting a sport. But since lawyers are few and far between in the house of Judge Judy and Bailiff Butch, other entertainment must be had, and believe you us when we say the Crescent has it. Six pool tables, Golden Tee, foosball tables and enough TVs to make Best Buy's shelves look bare. But if you ask us, what really sets the Crescent apart from the competition is the over-21 policy. No "kids eat free" night. No highchairs or booster seats. And, of course, no lawyers.

Second Place: Buster's Sports Bar

Third Place: Cheerleaders Sports Bar and Grill


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