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2006 Best of Your Brain Readers' Choices 

Readers' Picks

Taken mostly from our small number of written ballots, plus a few from the "Other" category on our online ballot

Best Place to Take a Non-Idahoan

Canyon Co. farm tour gathering onions. Not recommended but they'll remember it.

Best Weatherman

H Scott Dorvalltm

H None they are all plastic people mouthing corporate mishmash

H I hate all weathermen.

H My dog. If her fur is wet, I know it's raining.

H Val Kilmer

Best Movie Theater

Oh, dear, can't decide

Best Frozen Treat

No longer available, but potato ice cream.

Best HVAC Repair

Tri State H&C

(We don't offer a best HVAC repair category, so this particular voter wrote it at the top of the Bars and Nightlife section)

Best Vegetarian

There are none

(No vegetarians? You're in denial)

Best Radio Station

96.9 The X!!

(96.9 fm is actually The Eagle, and 100.3 fm is The X)

Best Boise Weekly Cover

Mine not published, remember?

Best Thing About BW

H Lesser of evils.

H If you would please SHUT UP about the hot springs! You know what I'm talking about.

H Jr. Extra Lives. That shit cracks me up!

H It comes out Wednesday.

H It's less crappy than the Statesman

H Proof of intelligent life.

H Matt Vanderboegh (who is an advertising executive for Thrive).

Best Cultural Attraction or Museum

The cruise

(two votes)

Best Idaho Writer

Harmon Killebrew

Best Martini

Shiner Bock

(a beer)

Best Sports Team

FC Bayern Munchen

(a German soccer team)

Are You Stoned?

(This was written next to the rules on the ballot.)

(Sorry, no information is currently available for other years in this same award category.)


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