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Comment Archives: Locations: Shops: Coffeehouses

Re: “Slow by Slow Coffee Bar

great third wave coffee. Yum!

Posted by wurldpix on 04/19/2016 at 8:08 PM

Re: “Slow by Slow Coffee Bar

I went in to Slow By Slow expecting a cup of coffee but got a coffee experience instead. Winston

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by idahopapab on 04/14/2016 at 12:28 AM

Re: “The Bird Stop Coffee House

Great place to hang out day or night. Great service and is run by a fantastic group of people who are family, community and service minded.
Check them out!

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Roy Lujan on 09/17/2015 at 11:24 AM

Re: “Caffe Capri-Vista

Any business that caters to costumed brigands will not get any of my support.

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Benj Hall on 03/18/2015 at 12:02 AM

Re: “Moxie Java-Hillcrest

I use this wonderful Moxie as my office :). The site has private tables where business can be conducted while enjoying their wonderful coffee and stupendous sandwiches and deserts. I've been using this site for a few years now and find it is my go to place for both personal and professional meetings.

Posted by Rose Anne on 11/19/2014 at 1:59 PM

Re: “Alia's Coffeehouse

A very nice place to go to talk or read or just think, and the coffee is good as well. The people are nice as well as the service.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Raven Scott on 04/08/2014 at 4:56 PM

Re: “Dawson's Downtown Coffee House

Use to be great. Emphesis on use to be. I've been coming to Dawsons for the last three years, loved the staff, loved the coffee... But then, I came in for a mocha and the stuck up little yuppie boy behind the counter, decided I wasn't classy enough and actually had the audacity to yell out "I think we need a refund." refused me service and told me not to come back. Snobs should be fired, they ruin the atmosphere. This is a coffee house, not a bar...

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Tilly Mousedragon on 02/27/2014 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Java-Downtown

Simply the best. Try'll like it.

Posted by walker on 08/28/2013 at 8:56 AM

Re: “The Bird Stop Coffee House

We are in Caldwell and it's so refreshing to have a place to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee. They have sandwiches, muffins, Dawson Taylor coffee and, during the evening, they serve wine and beer. We have been once to see the live music and my girls loved it; we're going tonight to enjoy some music out on the patio. I'm going to have an iced coffee and my husband is looking forward to one of the microbrews on tap. Thanks so much, Bird Stop, Caldwell desperately needed this!

6 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Sara Teats on 07/19/2013 at 2:46 PM

Re: “Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters

Great products!

Posted by James Barrett on 04/14/2013 at 11:47 AM

Re: “Java-Downtown

downtown is my favorite boise joint. even more so than hyde park's. i rate it a 4 only because in winter the place is cold. and drafty. the bowl of soul? ... sure. but drinking out of a bowl is not only weird, it's pretentiously trendy, not to mention silly looking. go for the mexican mocha instead. i've sampled every boise coffee that serves this, and downtown Java's is the best.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by beatrix on 01/01/2013 at 7:56 AM

Re: “Flying M Coffeehouse

This place only lacks two things, baristas with some hustle and STUMPTOWN COFFEE. We can handle the sloth like baristas if you just get some stumptown beans!

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by ballsymcgee on 12/14/2012 at 12:18 AM

Re: “Moxie Java-Hillcrest

Our genre is Country/Bluegrass....well actually Bluegrass/Country/Gospel.

Great atmosphere and fun music!

A-n-D & Friends
Ali Daryl Gib & Carolyn

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by A-n-D & Friends on 09/21/2012 at 10:15 PM

Re: “Library Coffeehouse

this place has closed man

Posted by meridian on 07/28/2012 at 5:30 PM

Re: “Flying M Coffeehouse

I gotta say that this place is pretty cool. Very eclectic place full of unusual stuff for sale. Hell, I get a kick out of reading the magnets and cards while waiting in line. And did I mention the home made chocolate brownies. Damm near had to carry me out on a stretcher from chocolate overload ... Oh man.. those were good!

I have been there several times with my wife or daughter and it is a great place to pull up a laptop, surf the net, or just sit and BS for a few hours.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Papa Foodie on 07/27/2012 at 7:23 PM

Re: “Moxie Java-Kuna

Great customer service, amazing coffees, and yummy pastries. Perfect for a quick stop on my way to work in the morning!

Posted by Kuna-Jess on 07/08/2012 at 9:45 AM

Re: “Library Coffeehouse

is this still going on? I tried to pull up their website, and its not available. and the phone # above didn't work for me.

Posted by ella on 11/21/2011 at 2:05 PM

Re: “Java-Downtown

This is actually a review of Java as a whole, as they also have a 'sweet' location in Hyde Park in the North End of Boise as well, which is nicer in my opinion, even though the 6th St. building is also very good (as far as a physical site). The coffee IS good, but still nobody can top the 'FlyingM' in this category and their 'unbeatable' baked goods. Also, one may want to give 'Java' a try if/when visiting Ketchum. I have found that the coffeeshop there does a MUCH better job in all facets of the game, including consistency of good tasting coffee, baked goods, other food, and ESPECIALLY service!!! My one beef with Hyde Park's location is the 'doorknob,' young, think their hip employees.

Posted by ajax on 10/15/2011 at 11:12 PM

Re: “Big City Coffee

'Super cool' building and a business that is one of the 'keystones' for the Linen District, along with 'The Modern Hotel & Bar,' and 'Donnie Mac's.' However, the size and texture/composition of their baked goods is 'over the top.' You could feed an army on the size of their so called 'scones,' which are really no more than giant supermarket quality pastries. Their coffee usually is pretty decent however.

Posted by ajax on 10/15/2011 at 11:05 PM

Re: “Flying M Coffeehouse

What, the 'M' not reviewed here yet after all these years!!! Simply THE BEST coffeehouse in Boise, and I really have to say pretty much anywhere, and I've traveled to a lot of places and drank a lot of coffee. Consistently the best, full-bodied/strong coffees - too many places brew WEAK coffee. The real 'kicker' though is their stellar, made on-site baked goods. Nowhere do you get scones like the whole wheat oat scones with either raisins, currants, or cranberries. The cookies are like 'Grandma used to make.' You can have your own opinion on your own favorite coffeehouse, but you are WRONG if it is NOT the 'FlyingM.'

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by ajax on 10/15/2011 at 10:59 PM

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