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  • Mar 25-31, 2009
  • Vol. 17, No. 39


  • Long ride
  • Long ride

    How far would a transit center go in Boise?
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  • Rights to serve

    Liquor license revamp passes first hurdle
  • World
  • Exclusive: Former Taliban see opening for talks

    As the U.S. prepares to release its new Afghanistan policy, GlobalPost has gained unique access here in Kabul to two former high-ranking officials of the now-deposed Taliban government to hear their view of the possibility of an opening for dialogue.


Food & Drink

Odds & Ends


  • Cobweb
  • MM on P.TM; JRW on BD

    Regular contributors Mathias Morache and Jeremiah Robert Wierenga weigh in on some music they love.



  • Film
  • Half the Picture

    In Part One of epic film Che, Soderbergh shows one side of the coin


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