• Missy Cory
  • "Abstract 13"
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  • Apr 10-16, 2019
  • Vol. 27, No. 43
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  • Andrew Cosentino
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  • Andrew Cosentino

    "To be entrusted with their care at a moment when they're most vulnerable is really a privilege and an honor. In our ministry, we view that as a sacred environment."
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  • Boise Phil, Musicians, Reach Accord Over Unionization
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  • Boise Phil, Musicians, Reach Accord Over Unionization

    "The sentiment is, there's always something to be gained by growth, and when you do it in a way that has a lot of process and infrastructure built in, and a commitment to sustainability, it can only help the organization in the long run. We all believe we're moving in the right direction with the Boise Phil."
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