• Janet Anderson
  • “Sewing the Harvest”
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  • Nov 20-26, 2013
  • Vol. 22, No. 22
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  • Ada Commission Sets Meeting on 'Historic' Horse Racing Machines

    In a Nov. 22 letter to Garden City Mayor John Evans and his fellow Garden City Council members, Ada County commissioners said they were disappointed that Evans and his colleagues didn't attend a Nov. 20 meeting with representatives from Treasure Valley Racing and Expo Idaho in order to answer Garden City's concerns.
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  • Syria Peace Talks Set for January

    The United Nations announced Monday that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon would convene peace talks in Geneva on Jan. 22, 2014, bringing both sides to the table.
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  • Gift Guide 2013

    A couple of years ago, we moved our annual Gift Guide away from pure advertising to an entirely editorial product--the gifts featured in each edition of Boise Weekly's Gift Guide were lovingly chosen by BW staff.
    This year, we further revamped our style to include more photographically rich, magazine-like design; and, rather than focus on specific items, we chose to highlight entire stores. Because, really, wouldn't you rather browse through a cool shop than bee-line for a specific shelf? Shopping doesn't have to be painful and the best gifts are found free of stress.
    The newest edition of Gift Guide published Wednesday, Nov. 20. Find a copy inserted into each edition of Boise Weekly or click here for the digital issue.


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