• Thomas Corgatelli
  • Merry Christmas 2004
  • Issue of
  • Dec 22-28, 2004
  • Vol. 13, No. 25


  • Soldier's Heart
  • Features
  • Soldier's Heart

    The first time Kristin Peterson's husband hit her, she was asleep in their bed.

    She awoke that night a split second after Joshua's fist smashed into her face and ran, terrified and crying, to the bathroom to wipe the blood spurting from her nose.

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Food & Drink

  • River City Bagel
  • Food Review
  • River City Bagel

    River City Bagel and Bakery is like Idaho--the place is wide open and friendly with a rough-hewn disposition and easy appeal. The proprietorship recently changed, but when I arrived for lunch, my attention was immediately drawn to a sign that proudly stated the restaurant is "locally owned and operated."
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  • River City Bagel
  • Food Review
  • River City Bagel

    The hole is what distinguishes a bagel from a roll, right? OK, bagels--unlike bread--are boiled and then baked, but as an eater, it's the hole that makes it a bagel. The hole is also what makes a bagel sandwich a problem sometimes.
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Arts & Culture


  • Music News
  • Dear Santa

    As you may have heard, this week marks America's most fanatic holiday, Christmas. And thanks to this one crazy day of fat stockings and fat hams, events are at max capacity (mostly because everyone feels obligated to spend their Yule week getting ready for Overstuffedmas by staying inside cooking, drinking spirits or imbibing in bubbly consumerism and materialism). That said, there is nothing happening this week in terms of music other than caroling and the possibility of a junior high school marching band practicing on your street in the a.m. Ugh and ugh. So stay inside and pour yourself a hot toddy while visions of the mall dance in your head.
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  • Bill Cope
  • A Christmas Carol

    (Mr. Cope is pleased to bring you a special holiday presentation of the immortal classic, A Christmas Carol. His only wish is that the descendants of Charlie Dickens forgive him for the liberties he has taken with their great-great-great-great-granpappy's story.)

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