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    Top 10 lists, bests and worsts, year-end wrap-ups–they're all the same. But not ours. Actually, it is the same, albiet more droll and opinionated. Every time there is an election year it gives our annual Spuds & Duds issue grist for the mill, and this year is no exception. Our staff has put forth our opinions about the best (Spuds) and the worst (Duds) subjects from the past year, mostly politics. We can't get enough. As you rest your weary heads and begin 2005, take time to reflect on the year before and why you may have voted. -Bingo Barnes, editor
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Food & Drink

  • Murphy's Seafood Bar & Grill
  • Food Review
  • Murphy's Seafood Bar & Grill

    Murphy's is the last of the old apostrophe-wearing restaurants that used to vie for the title of "Boise's Best Surf-n-Turf." Its contemporaries, Schott's and Milford's, have been bludgeoned into oblivion by recent economic recessions, so today only Murphy's remains. But this Broadway eatery carries on the traditions that made the others both loved and loathed in their time: excellent steak, fresh seafood and bills so large they come back tearstained.
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  • Murphy's Seafood Bar & Grill
  • Food Review
  • Murphy's Seafood Bar & Grill

    Murphy's was one of those restaurants my parents always took me to on Saturday nights. I remember the smell of steak and dark beer and the distinctive glow of green lamps like you see in big libraries. When I walked in last Thursday, the aroma was similar, but the landscape was entirely different. The simple booths had been replaced by a grand dining room with a vaulted ceiling and a semi-exposed kitchen. It was much more formal, but the boy and I still felt comfortable in jeans and jackets as the hostess seated us at a booth near the bar.
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