• John Collias
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  • Jan 19-25, 2005
  • Vol. 13, No. 29



Food & Drink

  • Mosaic Restaurant and Wine Bar
  • Food Review
  • Mosaic Restaurant and Wine Bar

    I have lived in bigger cities, and one of the only things I miss is the food. Boise has some fantastic restaurants, but there are too few places that really nail the right balance of stylish and inviting, gourmet and approachable, high quality and reasonably priced. On that short list is Mosaic, a tidy little eatery that looks and tastes worthy of any posh corner in any posh city. The beauty is, it manages to be trendy without being pretentious, and the food has never failed to meet my most stringent standards of "yumminess."
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  • Mosaic Restaurant and Wine Bar
  • Food Review
  • Mosaic Restaurant and Wine Bar

    I have the pleasure of knowing a Parisian woman (shouldn't everyone?) who enjoys playing Maude to my Harold. She makes a pass at me whenever we meet, whispering through daring red lipstick in a seductive Gallic accent, "If only I were sixty years younger..." Scarlet badges are not for the meek.
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  • Lingo Yarns
  • Grandma Barnes

    My grandmother, Lorine Moffett Barnes, was 83 years old when she died last week in a Floresville, Texas nursing home. When one is confronted by the death of a relative, acquaintances invariably offer condolences and lamentations of sorrow, whether they knew the deceased or not. I thank you all in advance for your notes of condolence. Now please grant me the indulgence of sharing her memory with you.
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