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  • Sarah Swett
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  • Sarah Swett

    Weaving, it is said, is one of the oldest human art forms. From a time just beyond humans spraying outlines of their hands on cave walls, fibers were woven together to create blankets, then clothing. At some point, the colors of these fibers-animal hair sometimes enhanced by colors from plants-were arranged in patterns, then later, pictures. Once the beauty of a woven piece of fabric transcended its usefulness and became art, perhaps even telling a story, the tapestry was born.
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  • The Tommy Castro Band

    A firmly established and highly acclaimed force in the American roots/blues arena, Tommy Castro has a stellar reputation as a recording artist, reinforced by his charismatic live shows.
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  • Music Reviews
  • Visqueen, Sunday 29

    When Visqueen came through town on their last tour, I was blown away. I'd heard them on Amazon.com and really liked their sound, but their live show took the music to another level.
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  • Music Reviews
  • The Moon is a Dead World: Gospel

    So I'm looking over the marketing slick that came with the album for this review-Gospel's The Moon is a Dead World-and the second sentence begins, "Unfettered by limitations ... " This sounded like code for, "No idea what the hell we're doing."
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  • How To Fish With Scented Baits
  • Rec Features
  • How To Fish With Scented Baits

    Scented baits catch more fish. That's a fact. And because of that, scented baits of various styles are hitting the market on a seemingly weekly basis. With the glut of new products out there all vying for your dollars, anglers need to become familiar with the subtleties and limitations of these baits if they hope to catch more fish.
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  • Daytripper
  • The Hills are Alive

    With as much rain as Southwest Idaho has received in recent weeks, it's amazing to see the green hills instead of the pale brown most Treasure Valley residents are used to.
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  • Mail
  • June 1, 2005

    With my little Eye • Panty Raid • Garden Kudos • Driscoll Buzz • Mcbiking • The Blob
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  • Lingo Yarns
  • Surfer rulez on the river

    A buddy of mine called me up to go fishing on opening day this past weekend. He had a boat and I had a fresh box of flies, dried through the winter. It seems, however, that our local fishing hole is getting busier and busier as word gets out on our secret river. Fly-fisherman from all over the country, in their Orvis waders and custom wood-kit boats show up, and take all the good holes.
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